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Should I smoke tonight?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DarkSoldat, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I had to find a job so I got clean and detoxed. I took a couple at home drug tests and I was clear.

    I take my pre employment drug test for my job on Wednesday. I call Wednesday night and leave a message with my recruiter asking if there was anything further I can do and to call me and let me know. All I really cared about was finding out if I'm good or not....which I should be but you never know.

    Thursday, Friday, and today (Monday) pass and I get no phone call. I am suppose to start next Monday (a week from today). And I cannot decide whether I should start smoking again or not.

    If I took my test Wednesday then they definitely should have called me by now to tell me if I failed. But if they haven't called me they obviously they have nothing to tell me therefore....meaning I passed....right?

    Ive already gone over a month without smoking and I'm sooooo damn bored. So someone give me some advice or something lol
  2. Don't smoke until the day you start. Have a nice T-Break. It'd be shitty if they called you tomorrow and asked you to take it over.
  3. It is up to you, but in the event you DO decide to smoke, grab a water bottle and fill it up with your clean urine and throw it in the freezer just in case. It can be preserved for MUCH MUCH longer frozen.
  4. Dont do it yet. Youd kill yourself if you took a one month T-break for no reason
  5. ^^^this^^^
  6. Save some piss and go for it..
  7. noo, don't risk it. just wait til you're officially in the clear and dank out on your first day back on the clouds.

    what's another week anyways?
  8. I have to get clean to get a job??? Shit that sux. Y don't u just use the ol spray water in the piss cup and pee a little trick?(i don't know the real name for this)
  9. piss in a medium baggy you can tape below your nuts then pour that piss in your cup if they ask you to do another test. then your safe to smoke because you have clean piss, keep it somewhere cool but tape it to your nuts the morning of the next test if it happens so the piss is a normal temp
  10. Why not just put like 90% water in the cup and then pee a little in it to kinda dilute it? Does this not work or something?
  11. There's a whole buncha things on the internet saying visine causes a false negative if u put itin your piss test cup

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