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Should I smoke them out?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Johnywilks, May 13, 2011.

  1. One of my friends wants to try smoking for the first time.
    Also another mate wants to come along.
    They both dont have money, it sort of annoys me but i dont like being stingy.

    But i pretty much have to pay for everything, weed and food.

    Do you think that 1 gram would be enough for all 3 of us?
    2of us are only weekly smokers with low tolerances.

    do you think i should wait till they get money or pay for it all?

    Iv'e never smoked someone out for their first time, i dont want him to have a negative experience. Because i can tell he i slightly nervous about it.
    Was thinking of going with two 0.5 joints, would a joint be a good idea for a first timer?
  2. Yea you guys will be nice and baked for sure, no worries man
  3. dont roll joints In my opinion its a lot harsher than smoking a bowl.... try and make it as enjoyable as possible for him... one word of advice dont let him smoke 2 much take it super slow, he will have a terrible experience if ya do. Fuck the food you are smoking them up you dont need to feed them
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    did someone ask you for money your first time?
    I say of course smoke them up, i think getting someone high for the first time is one of the greatest things we stoners can do, how else would the herb spread as much as it has? I always smoke peopl up their first time, and every person ive done it for has come back with a fat sack sometime or another wanting to repay the favor.

    and a gram is defintitley enough, id smoke like a bowl at first, or maybe roll one half gram into a joint and see how that leaves em feelin
  5. Dude it's only 10 bucks for a gram, unless you're buying dank. Just tell each of them to bring a bag of chips or something, or you can say you should all pitch in to buy a frozen pizza. Just smoke 'em out man, we all have to do it sooner or later. It's good karma.
  6. Yeah bring this topic up to them and talk with them about it, ask them to chip in any way they can.

    Smoke before you meet up with them then blaze one with them or something.

    Same thing with me my buddies have bud but no always so I usually smoke them up, but its either at their house or on their gas, or they owe me a favor, etc etc ec
  7. man keepin tabs with bud is somethin i never do.

    it's just good karma. it always comes back around.
  8. If it's the one guys first time, he'll probably be high already and wont need to smoke on the second joint
  9. Pass it around
  10. smoke a bowl then roll a joint then smoke a bowl
  11. Ask them to each bring around one of their fave albums (or you could just supply YOUR fave) and have them listen to it whilst wrecked - also, keep a notepad and paper handy...the stupid phrases people write down when they're stoned are a laugh afterwards!

    Make sure you've got a 2 litre bottle of water per person, as well as something nice...ask them to bring Dr. Peppers to the sesh or something, if you NEED food you can always get pizza!
  12. I say you and your friend that wants to smoke for the first time should do it but, I hate people that always tag along and try to smoke, that's why I get my own weed and i'll get them like a nik or something, I don't want to be stingy but I like my own blunt so I can just chill take it slow and just chill and bullshit around so I don't have to worry about anything.
  13. Of course you should smoke them up, thats what friends do. A gram isn't anything to stress over, get them high, it'll be worth it to see the reaction.
  14. I agree with one of the posters here who mentioned if your first time you had to pay. The 'tradition' for as long as I can remember is that the first time you get smoked free. Then when you see someone for the first time smoke, you smoke them. :)

    I also like the idea someone said to tell your friends to bring chips/pop. That evens it out if you are really stingy.
  15. I got smoked up for free my first time and I returned the favour when I got into it properly. Keep the karma going dude.
  16. My friend smoked me out the first time don't be stingy karma will come back for you

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