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should i smoke my last weed or save it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FriedFriend, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. i am running out of bud. i have like 1 - 1.5 gs left. i definitely won't be getting more until the weekend. should i save it for one of those times where I'm completely desperate to smoke, or do it now?

    option 3 is to roll pussy joints and make the weed last. kind of takes the fun out tho.

    come on i need to decide...

    smoke the remainder of my bud, or save it for tomorrow?
  2. I would go for option 3 and take a 1 day t break
  3. the joints would be pussy size tho + with tobacco. i bet i only have like 1 g not 1.5 in my jar.
  4. I'd conserve it and smoke it throughout the week. Throw it in a pipe or a bong if you have it instead of rolling joints too

  5. wish i had one. all mine broke and the last one my parents didn't want in the house.
  6. hot knife it, itll last you a while
  7. make a gravity bong
  8. Make some firecrackers with it... there's always more weed somewhere so don't even stress
  9. roll two joints, smoke one now, smoke one at the end of the week
  10. Too bad you don't have a magic flight launch box, that g would be able to last you through to the weekend.
  11. I'd save a little nug and smoke the rest.

  12. Aww that sucks. I'd roll 2 or 3 joints then and smoke them throughout the week.
  13. Roll it up, twist, spark it up, take a drag & pass it to a friend :)
  14. after not smoking for a week id say save it. you never know when it will come in handy.

  15. I'm not passing nada. i want a magic flight. they cost 200.- chf here. tho :(

    gonna go with the baby joints tactic tho. the weed is strong as hell.

    option 4 tho!!!

    roll it all into a huge spliff, smoke it in parts or all at once.
  16. You really can't go a few days without weed? Just smoke it whenever you feel the need and go sober until the weekend. I don't see how this is a big deal.
  17. I usually pick up a half oz every two weeks, so when I'm down to a couple of G's, and I still have 3-5 days left, I just smoke it all so I take a mini t-break before my new bud.

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