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should i smoke more or what?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thehighlife420, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. so i usually buy a gram or so, i bought 1.5 this time. I can make a gram last a week or so smoking everyday. I just smoke small amounts at a time, and i have a naturally low tolerance.

    Thing is ill smoke like .3 or so and ill be a nice high, but the in about 45 min im already coming down and for the next 4 hours i just feel lazy and tired. Is it because im trying to conserve weed so much? Should i only smoke the gram like twice and get 2 really high highs or smoke multiple times , but small amounts of it.
  2. Just like every drug... you are coming down. That's why you feel tired n shit. The solution? Smoke more pot.
  3. i would just think to yourself and ask if you would rather be really really high a few times or a tiny bit high alot

    or just start buying more lol
  4. Coming down never feels good, only way to get rid of it is to sleep or get more high.
  5. I feel fine when I'm coming down, usually I feel like the high is wearing off... then before I know it I'm like hmmm its still early lemme smoke again.
  6. After the high is gone, you get "burnt out". pretty much explains itself. And idk how a gram lasts u a week. Must be good shit.
  7. buy a 1 hitter take a hit every 15 20 minutes. You can smoke the .3 grams for a hour or two
  8. I personally like the come down. I feel very relaxed. I dunno, maybe its just me but I like the whole process of being high, including the comedown
  9. i think i have the worst comedown known 2 man
    it makes me nvr wanna smoke again
    idk i juss sleep thru it
  10. oh yea... and smoking more is almost always the answer

  11. Me too, everything about the high feels good to me, there's no laziness per se on the comedown for me, it's just relaxing..
  12. I love the burnt out feeling. When you are feeling burnt out just go lay out in the sun or infront of a large window facing the sun.
  13. 0.3 u must either be a lightweight or very good quality dank, but yeh only way to avoid a comedown or w.e is to sleep or either just smoke on and get more high :smoking:
  14. im the biggest light weight youll ever find, i have no clue why that is but it saves me alot of weed :)
  15. all i did was read the title.

  16. Wow a g lasting you a week?

    ANYTIME I smoke, whether it will be with my friends, or just myself I ALWAYS pack a full bowl(~.5 g) and I toke everyday lol, usually more than 1 bowl

    IMO if I were you I'd smoke .5 or so at a time......but of course if you cant afford to then dont.
  17. I'm like you, I'm always tired a short time after blazing... very tired..
  18. Man to be honest you're trying to conserve weed to much, plain and simple. You gotta smoke more after smoking .3 to keep being high and getting more high.

    If you smoke a bowl then stop obviously you'll burn out soon that's why you smoke more.

    Smoke the weed my friend.

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