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Should i smoke in my room?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Iceman420, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. I'm not yet out of my parent house, and I have a really chill room. I've always wanted to smoke late at night and watch a movie, but there a couple of questions. I know that I could just go outside, or jsut open up the window and smoke outside of it, but i just want to lay down and smoke a joint.
    So I was wondering, is there anyways I could smoke in my room, when either my parents are gone or just sleeping without them smelling it? I know that cigarette smoke can sink into carpet, and my flooring in my room is total carpet, so i dont want any smoke to sink into my clothing(that im not wearing),bed,etc. so will the smoke sink in?
    I will definitely put a wet towel under the door, and close the air vent, but for most of us, we know that weed smoke lingers like HELL. So, any other precautionary things i should do? Also I wouldnt go outside because its cold as f*ck.
  2. aight well yo if your parents never come into your room at night then you should be good. just blow all the smoke out the window and it wont smell
  3. The smell will sit in the room for about 1-2 hours with no window. Just make a sploof and blow your hits out the window and it will stay for even less time. You should be fine
  4. Never smoke a joint indoors, it will smell like hell, even with febreeze, window etc. Use a pipe or vapo.
  5. Open a window.
    Fill a toilet paper tube with dryer sheets (8-10 packed tight)
    Use a pipe and only pack enough for one hit and just re-pack after each (prevents cherrying and extra smoke)
    Exhale through the toilet paper tube out the window
    Good luck!
  6. theres alot of topics like these v.v

    smoke a bowl or dry fall in your closet very quietly.
    take smaller hits so you dont cough.
    blow into spoof out of the window

    dont smoke jays or blunts

  7. It's 11.35 here, PM. I'm about to light up in my room, my parents room is next to mine - so it is kinda risky, but totally worth it.

    Hang or stand near the window/outside the window. Towel under the door, ensure your lighter makes the minimal amount of noise possible - those things are damn loud on a quiet evening. Now, as for the smell, it is no where near as bad as cigarette smoke - just make sure to spray some smelly stuff (fabreeze, axe . .) before and after you smoke. Before because, well, when you're smoking the joint, it'll begin to smell out the room - not too much mind, if will disappear in a couple of hours providing you do everything correctly.

  8. I suggest using a bong because they end up smelling a LOT less, and they're more efficient. But yea I used to smoke in my parents house all the time while they were sleeping, and occasionally while they were still awake watching TV :) I just used a bong, and as for the smoke, I stuck a hose out window and closed the window until it was touching the hose from both sides. Then, I would just exhale through the hose :D
  9. lately ive been toking it up in my room a lot but yesterday my dad finally smelled a faint smell of bud emitting from my room, he got pretty pissed (this isn't the first time he's practically caught me, but every time he does he reacts the same) but he's over it now. Luckily he will be on a business trip this week on the other side of the state :cool:

    just some advice; use a sploof, open window, joints stink up rooms more than bowls so be extra cautious about smell, and if you can light a candle or something. I always light a candle and it seems to get the smell out within a half hour. I think i will be smoking in my room tonight as well :D
  10. Unless you want to get caught I wouldn't advise it. Even if your parents don't say anything chances are they still know.
  11. Anyone who smokes at home with their parents their used the smoke buddy? Thinking about getting one curious how well they work

  12. Yea, I mean, i actually had a small moment with my parents, and wrote them a letter after an argument, basically trying to tell them that im trying to become better friends with them ,and have a closer relationship. In that letter, i told them i used pot to relief my stress levels at times because of school. I still get good grades and maintain a good GPA, so i dont think they are extremely worried about it(i use it occasionally), like they never mentioned anything to me about it. But still, i dont think i want to get caught, and my parents room is also next door so yea haha. But I dont have any pipes or anything, so joint is only thing i have. I just want to lean on my couch and smoke.

    So this is my plan, open up the window, close air vent, towel under the door, make a sploof, and light around 5 glad candles. Anyone think i'll be alright?

  13. You can make one for like 1/4 of the price. Just use a bottle or wide tube and pack it with a few inches of activated carbon and dryer sheets.
  14. Sploof, fabreeze, cover door crack, smoke.

  15. Thanks for the quick and helpful response will certainly try this. I would usual go outside but just had surgery not to long ago and getting up walking about takes alot out of me ATM lol
  16. you will be fine if you have 5 candles going... shit, i light one candle and it's good haha, my room is next to my parents' as well. My Mom understands that i know how to use pot without it effecting my school or personal life, i maintain a good GPA as well, gotta 3.83 for semester :)
  17. If you have to ask then the answer is no.

    Just wait until you have a good chance to smoke. You don't want to be sketched out trying not to get caught, it doesn't make for an enjoyable high. And if you aren't supposed to be smoking in the house you should respect that since you do get a place to live.
  18. #18 IgnorantFool, Jan 31, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 31, 2011
    Speaking as a parent...

    Anyone who thinks they can totally cover the smell is deluded...

    Btw...candles, incense, etc...your parents were young once too and probably tried the same tricks...
  19. I'd just like to start off saying that if your parents don't want you smoking in their house you should respect their choice. But thats not an answer your looking for so lets get some stuff rolling.

    -Open a window: It may be winter right now but keep a window cracked if not just half way opened. You don't have to stand outside of it because if your gonna do that you mine as well be outside. Don't close the window as soon as you finish let it air out for a little while after.
    -Tube: Theres this trick I read (but never did it myself) where you take a paper towel tube and fill it with dryer sheets then rubber band a dryer sheet on the outside and you exhale all your smoke through that and it comes out pretty clean and odorless. Throw away when your done
    -Ash outside the window or into a special tray: Ash sucks man and I hate ashing my clothes and any fabrics in general. To be honest, I've never kept ash long enough to see if it actually smells or not but I'm pretty sure it doesn't
    -Light an in-sense: Just spark a candle someplace in your room
    -Spray fabrese: Not an air freshener or a fragrance, but fabrese. The others mask the odor and leave residue on your carpets after extended use. Fabrese is a little more delicate but I wouldn't use it over an extended period of time
    -Shower: Just smoke on the shower. You can ash right in the drain and if there is a window in your bathroom just open it. The steam will carry it out and your soap will leave a sent. Not to mention it wont get on any clothes nor on your skin either.

    -Smoke seeps into clothing. The clothes your wearing, in your closet, in your bed sheets, in any fabric ... hell even your hair man. The only way to get rid of it without putting every single fabric through a washing machine load is just let it air out. Another reason to leave a window open
    -Smoke gets into the carpet. I try my best not to smoke inside but sometimes its just most practical. If you don't habitually vacuum once I weak I'd suggest starting if you want to constantly smoke inside
    -Remember when I said smoke seeps? It goes through walls too and it'll probably stink your house up

    Hope that helps
  20. If you use the towel, sploof, window, maybe a fan, febreeze, you should be good. But I must stress this, NEVER smoke a joint indoors if smell is a problem. One time the smell lingered for like 5 hours and i practically got caught a few years back. Use a bong or something. The continuous burning stanks shit up.

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