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should i smoke in friends bathroom even though his mom told us not to

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by soserious, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. We are all over 18. I feel like smoking but i only have enough for a small bowl. My friend is passed out and wont wakeup.

    We have smoked in the bathroom before. Theres a fan and air freshener. And.his mom almost never comes down here. I dont wanna get him in trouble though cuz she might smell it.

    But we have smoked blunts down here and blew it into the fan and she didnt say anything.
  2. Go outside maybe? Respect their house.
  3. I don't understand, if you cant smoke INSIDE, then smoke OUTSIDE.

    You will never have to worry about the smell then.
  4. smoke it wide open
  5. You are over 18 but need to ask this question. I think you already know the answer.
  6. Smoke it backwards.
  7. Honestly... are you that lazy you can't just walk outside and blaze and not have to worry about anything?

    maybe its not lazy... i think the word may be stupid but im pretty stupid myself so i don't know...

    fuck it man just smoke it
  8. I didnt want to smoke a pipe outside....

    I rolled a jay.

  9. this.
  10. No. Just no.
  11. I would respect the rules as you are a guest. Just go outside.
  12. Makes it even easier to go outside if you have a J! Just do it and don't risk it inside. A joint will put out more smell than a bowl anyways.
  13. blunts in the house is never a good idea
  14. you should never ever ever smoke in a house that you are a guest in if the owners have previously told you not to you shouldn't even consider it
  15. #15 GanjaFarmer06, Dec 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 26, 2012
    Dude dick move, why as a guest would you smoke inside?

    Respect your friend and the rules. Go outside and do not risk getting him or you in trouble.

    Edit: also wake your bro up to smoke. I would want my friends to wake me up to blaze. Almost like a wake and bake.
  16. wait til the mom is asleep then creep into her room to smoke
  17. I would be worried about your passed out, possibly dead friend.
  18. If you had ANY common sense what so ever you wouldnt have to ask this question, No its not a good idea
  19. [quote name='"aaron145"']I would be worried about your passed out, possibly dead friend.[/quote]

    This. Any stoner not waking up to toke on a joint is not "asleep"
  20. Hotbox dat shit nikka, YOLO.
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