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Should I smoke another bowl?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by gman6974, May 6, 2009.

  1. #1 gman6974, May 6, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 6, 2009
    Ok screw it, this is my first time making a thread high but I have a serious question. Ok I just got done smoking my first bowl for tonight. Should I smoke another one? It's just midgrade stuff.
  2. fuck yea u should.
  3. I didn't even need to read the thread (But I did :smoking:) and you need to smoke another bowl, get super high.

    Enjoy it man
  4. Yea seriously, snap a fatty.
  5. yes. you should.
  6. In what parallel universe do you think you would find stoners telling you not to smoke another bowl? Unless you're do in court by 8pm server time then YEAH, dude.
  7. schmoke that sheeeet
  8. Fuck it, yall talked me in to it :hello:. Just packed another one. Bbl after I roast this stuff.
  9. Lol, did you really just ask a question like that in a forum full of stoners? :p
    Of course you should!
  10. Hell yeah man I'm thinking about smoking one too.
  11. haha yea, smoke it fool
  12. Fuck it, now I'm gonna smoke one.
  13. An empty bowl must be filled...a filled bowl must be smoked...an empty bowl must be filled...

    The stoner's paradox! :smoking:
  14. Im going to have to pick some buds from my plant to join the party... Its a bitch bein out... Especially when you have a beautiful budding plant, real hard not to go in there every now and then and rip some off.
  15. Live dangerously and smoke 2 *gasp* more bowls.
  16. That was my exact thought process hahaha.

    "Wtf I don't even have to read it..." but then you're high so you do, thinking there must be some sort of catch to such a simple question...but there isn't....and then you're already stuck in this thread and might as well reply....:smoke:
  17. unless u have some super bowl that fits like 7 grams. pack another. golden ruler if u can still function enough to pack another do it.
  18. What do you measure with golden rulers?
  19. when in doubt smoke it out!!!! :smoke:
  20. Always smoke another bowl

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