Should I smoke a b o w l tonight?

Discussion in 'General' started by skatealex2, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. I haven't smoked since over 24 hours and I can't decide if I should smoke or not...............

    it feels very nice to be clear headed, but I am wondering- if I just smoked one bowl and sobered up before i went to sleep maybe i will still be clear in the morning.

    this is always my big dilemma with weed and i have been smoking for pretty damn long

    what do you think blades....................... a bowl sounds nice.
  2. why not finish off your day with a bedtime bowl?
  3. i usually smoke work or school nights anywhere from 8-9pm and i am usaully "clear headed" in the morning. i have to get up around 630am usually and its no problem for me. it actually helps cause i fall asleep earlier so i feel better in the morning. i just dont smoke a shitload and get super stoned unless i have the next morning off. i even did a small vape bowl at 9:45pm to help me get to bed since i had to get up at 3:30am the next morning for work. (inventory), and no problems. but its your decision man.
  4. thanks for the help ! may as well have a bedtime/tv show bowl....

  5. only if i can hit it lol jp

    yes smoke abowl
  6. drive down to new york and will hit a bowl, make sure to bring some cali bud though ;p

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    took me this long to actually get to smoking.

    \Bong Time


    (old bong hit photo but that is the bong im using )
  8. congratulations. enjoy.
  9. thnx can't go wrong with a bong hit

  10. maaaan, i want some Maui wowie....and sum BB Kush
  11. smoking on some purple type of kush tonight. very nice indica
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    Control yourself. You don't need to smoke that bowl you just want to.

    Put it away and enjoy a nice good bowl in the morning. you have the self control?

    Edit: NVm..too late. You gave in to the temptation. Good job...:confused_2:

    Here watch me predict the future..your gonna do the same thing next time...given in to a damn plant.
  13. I already smoked but i think i do have the self control. i'm going to start taking days off from smoking way more often- i get too burnt out when i smoke literally every night

    i prefer to smoke at night during the week because i don't have college or work so i can enjoy a peaceful high
  14. what do you do with your time with no school or work? annd no smoke?

  15. yea really haha

  16. You can try it that way and once you realise it doesn't'll be back.

    You just think you can control it...surprise surprise...your still on the same road.

    I've done what you've tried 10+ times...a wise man learn from others mistakes.

  17. haha. i was talking about night time when i am done with everything. im actua;lly gonna hit a bowl before class now casue my stomach is fucked up.

    Diceman what are you saying about my Cannabis habits? what's wrong with smoking at night?

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