should i share the last of my stash with my stoner dad after he was an asshole?

Discussion in 'General' started by modern-hippy, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. So the storry goes like this. I moved out of my moms place at the same time my dad was moving. so we found an apartment and moved in together. my dad and i smoke weed together every single day, but today hes been really grumpy. money has been short and we had no food. like 4 eggs and that was it. I take the last $6 of my money and by hamburgur meat with it. so i tell my dad he can make himself some burgurs, since thats the only food in the house.

    Then he calls my mom, and asks her if he can borrow $20 from her untill tomorrow to food at the market and she says "I dont wana give you guys any money but I'll take you both out to dinner. my dad says that he has to work and cant go out to dinner, but he really needs money for the market after work. my mom changes the sunject and starts talking about something else. my dad gets all pissed off at her. long storry short, she never said she would loan him $20.

    So I call my mom back and I'm like "hey sorry my dad blew up at you on the phone, i think hes just under stress cuz were so broke."
    she says "yeah he was kinda angry at me.. i offerd to take you guys out to dinner but he said he had to work and then just got really mad at me"

    So I'm like "I'll still go out to dinner with you" Then my dad finds out im going to dinner with my mom and getts all super pissed off.

    he thinks the reason my mom wont give him money is because shes taking me out to dinner instead. he got all pissed off at me saying i talked her out of giving him money and shit... its like why would i do that? i would have eaten some of the food too if you had gone to the market. i would want her to loan you money. were on the same page buddy,

    So I've already been smoking him out today and i only have a little weed.

    Should i smoke him out with the last of it or keep it all for myself?
  2. the two layers of pants were cutting off his circulation i bet.

    once you guys get stoned youll forget all about that stuff
  3. Just get him some takeout at the restaurant. Something that can be reheated nicely.

    Smoke a bit with him and then save the rest for yourself.
  4. Hehe good call on the double pants.

    Don't share it, if he is being such an ass about it, just don't smoke him out anymore.
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    Man, are you too lazy to read the thread or what? Seriously, what's with people not reading threads today?

    Sorry if I sounded like an ass, but c'mon..

    Anyways, he's pissed because he has no food and cant go out to eat because he has work.
  6. I'm really not trying to get all preachy or talk down to you, but maybe you should consider using your money for food instead of weed at this point in your life. It's great being high, but it's not worth starving yourself over. Life>Weed. Sorry if I offended you in any way, just my 2 cents.

    And regarding the question, I would say don't smoke him out.
  7. no one ever reads man
  8. I know, that's my point. Which is kinda shitty...

    The guys is askin for advice. You should at least read his post before offering any.
  9. Man if yall are that broke stop buying pot.
  10. I agree with Italia.

    Other than that, get some food bring it back and smoke a bowl with him before he eats. Sit down and shoot the shit for a little while and I bet it will be way better man.
  11. Seriously man
    Pot should never be a necessity
    But enough of me being a parent

    I say fuck him
    Tell him to go smoke his own pot and to stop being a bitch
    I am no longer in parent mode
  12. Man how can you get stoned in a house with no food?
    Sounds like torture to me.
  13. Get him a Happy Meal and a joint. He'll shut up.
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    yeah well we both ate and we both smoked, all is good...

    and im a medical patient. pot is definatly a neccesity to me. right after food but before anything else.

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