Should I Scrog w/ Feminized Seeds?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by nu-bube, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read this.

    I've done searches and have learned lots, but I still feel the need to ask.
    Most of what I've read says that feminized plants stress more easily than non fems, leading to a greater possibility of hermiphrodites.:(

    I'd like to Scrog or maybe L.S.T., (I think I'd be asking for trouble by topping or fimming.) So do you think Scrog or L.S.T. would be too stressful?

    I'll be using Barneys Farm LSD and Nightshade (both feminized,) with 400w H.I.D, and two General Hydroponics Powergrowers with FoxFarm nutes.

    I will think long and hard before I buy feminized seeds again, thanks to what I've learned at these forums.

    Thank you again for your thoughts.
  2. You're worried about absolutely nothing.

    You can break your plant in half, duct tape it together and it will keep on like nothing happened.

    Do whichever method suits your growspace!

    Wide area with low ceiling? scrog

    unlimited room? top or fim

    IMHO... do fewer plants and LST them well. Do no topping or fimming. Just do your best to ensure every bud site branch gets god light. Start them early thought.
  3. Thanks for the input, I believe I'll Scrog.:smoke:
  4. Scrog in a sense is LST.

    One method you just tie down individual branches and arrange them all so they get light. VS a scrog which is a screen where you poke the sites through the screen instead of tie.

    Scrog is more effort and harder to manager since all your plants are attached to 1 object, but LST will only be very effective if you have a good sturdy medium to attach the branches to.
  5. im currently growing BF lsd and i topped her early on and lst'd the shit out of her and now have a big ass flowering bush! check out my grow in my sig if you like. but i havent had any trouble and shes all woman and i beleive would be a perfect canidate for SCROG.

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