Should i scrog instead if lst with my space

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  1. Hi all. I have 4 autos on the grow. I've thought of everything apart from my grow tent is getting abit crowded and there only day 25 and one day 33. I started lst 4 days ago but heard thst it makes them bushy and wider. Below is my grow space now. So imagine in 7 weeks. Can I scrog with a net and use string/wire to pull all the branches (I know there small) facing upwards so they grow more vertically to the net? Any ideas would be great for when I get home tonight. What would you do in this situation.
    Top pic this morning bottom from the 11th.

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  2. I would scrog. You can fill the shit out of that space. What is that, like a 2x2x_? If they bush out you're going to have to support them somehow. Enter the scrog net.

    Get some masonry string and some 3/4" pvc pipe and elbows from Home Depot and you're set. Cost $10-15 max. You could even get the elbows with a down stem that will let you build legs to hold it up. Having it 6-8" above "soil" line is standard.

    Just my $0.02

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  3. Or, don't grow shitty autos.....control the schedule, grow as long as it takes to fill up 80% of the scrog, then flip. Autos are good for a veg tent, and that's about it.
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  4. Mate it's my first attempt for making personal. It's fan be better than half the shit you get over in england. I will upgrade with more lights etc in my attic in summer if I can get these through to harvest.
  5. Hey mate I'm going over to b&q (english) to get some of them poles. I'm going to do that. I chopped of about 15 fan leaves of various sizes that were getting zero to minimal light. So if I was meant to. Gna check it later on.
  6. Good call. I drilled holes every three inches and then tied the string through to get it tight. Not necessary but really strengthens the string, gets it tight


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  7. Mate they look great. I'll post a update later on after work. Thanks for the tip

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