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should I say something?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alainamaree, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414245214.155870.jpg
    well yesterday I gave the guy 20 bucks and he gave me a .7 of this. Should I say something? I feel like it would be rude but seriously he jipped the hell out of me. Any advice?

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  2. yea. He didn't give you 30% of what you payed for. Are you ok with paying $26 a gram? 
    Unless it's a middle man that's a different story.. 
  3. it's 20 a gram here in south GA. it sucks.

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    I understand I live in West GA but $20/g is still the most I would pay (I don't buy grams at a time tho)
    but since he gave you .7 its pretty much paying $26 for the g 
    Hes a dealer right? 
  5. I live in north GA, I buy larger quantities but a gram is $20, you should tell him flat out you weighed it

    Bird + Weed + Papers = Good time
  6. Dealers usually rip off new buyers because they don't know if you'll be a long time customer and they don't think you have a scale. If you tell him you weighed it and it was only .7 then he will know not to fuck with you. Text him and ask for .3. Or tell him to give you 1.3 the next time you pick up from him.
  7. Hire a swat team to beat the livin shit outta him.
  8. Just send him a text saying "You good right now? I need another dub, but you were .3 short of a gram last time so think I could see it weighed out at 1.3 on my scale when I buy it?" If you won't do that, I'd just find anotha deala
  9. Im in metro atlanta 15 a g here.
  10. If you buy from him again, just bring it up then. It's really not worth arguing over a few bucks. When you see him next time, just say something like "hey man sure you didn't mean to, but last time I bought a g from you, it only weighed out to .7." I'd also highly recommend buying weight. It saves you tons of money in the long run
  11. Did you actually weigh it out? Looks like less than a .7 to me
  12. She was just showing a pic of some of it.
  13. >any advice

    Don't buy from him again if you're just going to complain.

    Either weigh it out in front of him or whatever, problem solved in these two solutions of mine.

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    Dealers will usually chince customers at one time or another to see if they can get away with it. Show you have a scale (either by mentioning about the last bag being short or literally weighing your next bag in front of him) and it should stop - if you don't say anything this cycle will continue.

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