Should I Rush a Frat?

Discussion in 'General' started by qed, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I know that this is mostly a personal decision, but I just thought I'd get some of my fellow blades' opinions on this matter.

    This fall (about three weeks actually!) I'm going up to school at UC Santa Barbara. It's pretty much a party school, but of course there are still frats. I had a mostly reclusive high school due to a bad family life, and I don't want to be like that in college--basically, I want to go to all the parties I can, have lots of friends, etc. Friends generally aren't a problem for me as I tend to be very friendly, but I'm worried about not getting into parties and stuff as a freshman guy.

    I read in some other posts that rushing was like the best thing that they've done, but at the same time I don't want to get stuck in a situation I hate (hazing anyone?). At a school like UCSB, I don't think it's *necessary* to rush a frat, but do you guys think that it's a good move anyway? I know a lot of people swear by the Greek life...

    What do you guys think I should do? Again, I realize this is a decision that I have to make myself, but I'm just wondering if you guys have any experiences (good or bad) with joining a frat.

  2. They tend to get tedious later on when you meet a lot of people and party enough, but for beginners its recommended. I knew some guys from a frat before i went to the college, so now i know a lot of the dudes and a lot more are chill so im probably gonna rush. Study hard, party harder, fuck bitches hardest.
  3. I say go for it. Im Greek..(not going to tell you which frat tho..not allowed too on the internet..its gay i know)

    It was a great desicion and it took me a while to find the right one for me. I have met great friends, been to some great parties, made connections for life when and if I enter the corporate world.

    Also, It helped my grades, having to maintain a 3.0 GPA, they set high standards ya know. But, not everyone is cut out to be in a frat..

    unfortunately their are alot of prejecies (sry reall stoned) with economical social and racial issues..but not always of course, and despite this my brothers are great people and not the typical assholes most people associate with frat boys..
  4. Join it man! Especially if you're new to campus. I was going to go greek but I decided I would live in a dorm for my first year. Then my sophomore year I'll go greek.

    But just be warned about the hazing... I don't know how it is on your campus but there's not that many that haze anymore because they threw a kid off of a building and the rope that was attached to him broke. I'm pretty sure he broke both his legs and a number of other things.. So they cracked down and now only like 5 frats haze.

    Other than the hazing greek all the way, but some bitches are turned off by that, but some are turned onto it so w/e you want.

    mah 2 cents :wave:
  5. I may consider it. I usually just get a good ratio going and roll into a frathouse where I know some people. I'm not sure though, I hear a lot of shit about fratboys here in ASU and I don't ever want to be limited to just a certain group of friends. It's something I'd like to look into further.
  6. Fuck no. Fratboys piss me off.
  7. wtf, u need to be in a frat to party???????

    man if ur cool and friendly, theyll be parties for u.

    man, and theyre alot of people in the house, and theyre checking at the front door, wait till evreyones faded, and jump in the back with ur own case, and a bag of weed, and then disapear into the crowd.
  8. My advice is to go out and check out the different frats on campus. Go to their events and parties and stuff and get to know the guys. If there's a frat you find with really chill guys that you feel comfortable with, then sure go for it dude. But if they seem shady and fake, then fuck that shit. Just use your judgment.
  9. Really? Im glad I piss you off because of my extracurricular activites.
  10. Rush and see if that's the type of organization you want to spend four years of your life in. It wasn't for me, but you may like it a lot.

    btw, you do not need to be in a frat to find parties, especially at uc-sb
  11. I'm in a Frat at my college. I say do it!
  12. yo guys thanks for all the replies so far, i think i'm gonna do it. it seems like a chill experience and even if i decide not to pledge i dont really lose anything. hopefully one of the houses will just seem super chill.

    man it's 8:06am and i've been awake all night... yo and i am so blazed it feels like i'm on one of those roller coasters like twisting me around forwards and backwards and shit like that.

    and on top of that some fucking power company motherfucker is walking up to my house and shit and it looks kinda like a cop and i hope no one called the police cause of the fatty bonghits in the backyard ...
  13. the only thing i rushed to do was roll a blunt the second i got to college, then i just let it flow, whatever happens, happens:smoke:
    if your a dopesmoker i assume you'll fit right in....
  14. I've got more of the same; try some different places, find people who are cool to hang out with, and go for it.
    Theres just as many prejudices with frats as with weed, you just gotta find what you like and go for it.
    I joined not only because everybody was really cool, but because I could have an awesome time partying, a better time studying (ie more productive/motivated), and because I liked the place.
    Plus we're all a bunch of stoners anyway, so that makes it way sweet.
  15. pledging....its the most fun you will never want to happen again...hahaha DO IT don't be a god damn GDI
  16. Ain't that the truth bro! Only one of my brothers doesn't smoke, and thats because of his job. BTW, what school you go to Monkey?
  17. College is college. There will always be girls around...parties every weekend. Do you really want to pay for your friends? Sorry.. im very against the idea of joining a frat. I had a fucking great 4 years in college, just graduated, was never in a frat.. I had a great group of friends, met plenty of amazing girls, got stupid drunk at many parties, tripped balls, got stoned everyday, got laid, the works.. you dont need to pay for your fun in college.. except for dollar beer nights!

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