Should I roll tonight?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by kyled536, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Well i'm debating whether I should take this purple transformer I have. Im at home and still live with my parents ( Senior year in highschool ) but i'm not really worried about them I will be fine with that. I was just thinking about taking it, listening to some good music and smoking weed. From what i've seen and heardfrom other people with these they are a little speedy but I think i could have a good time off one. So what do you guys think should I take it or save it for another time?
  2. just save it dude. MDMA is very much dependent upon the environment in which you take it. What Im saying is you could take half a pill and be rollin balls at a rave and dose the same amount alone at home and have nothing happen. Id suggest taking it only with a couple close friends (both male and female), a significant other, or at a party or rave.
  3. Ya I know i've rolled multiple times before and I realize this isn't the ideal situation but i'm just bored and looking for something to liven up my night. I still think I could have a good time just lisening to some good techno and relaxing.
  4. you definitely could man molly treats every man right.

  5. ya dude for sure, just make sure you smoke a lot of bud if you wanna fall asleep haha. You should have a good time, Id call a lady friend right away though

    Molly isnt the same thing as a regular x pill. Molly is pure MDMA, but rolls are usually cut with speed or coke.
  6. i know I was just talking about MDMA in general.

  7. NO.
    it breaks up the binding making a loose shitty press.


    Most of the new trans are speedy, but still have MDMA in them, no PZP.
  8. Dude, i would save it.
    I took a roll like 6 months ago with a friend, in fact, I took two. We had gotten them from a friend who was going to take them at his house that night. All it did was make me stay awake all night, and I was mad cranky the next day. We went to the guy's house we got them from and he said that he rolled like hell, but he also had alot of people, music etc.
  9. Well I took it and im glad I did. I've smoked a few bowls and im just listening to techno right now and im rolling prety good!:hello::hello::hello:
  10. Ewww, my last Transformer made me sick and contained no euphoria enducing chemicals.

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