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Should I roll it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheKurupted, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. I've got 1.5g of high grade (the last of my current stash) and I can't decide whether to roll a marley pape or just hit bowls in my pipe/bubbler.

    I've never rolled a joint with more than one gram before, so I dunno if it will get me high on some next level or just be wasteful?
    what do ya think grass city??
  2. Yea bowls. I'd only put mids/schwag into joints/blunts.
  3. Dont roll it ALL up! Thats not very conservative. If you want to smoke a joint roll up .5 or so of it. Then smoke the rest in bowls or bongs. But if you want to roll it up, I suggest you get atleast 3-4 joints out of 1.5g. Or 2 blunts. And Id suggest blunts over joints.

    edit: And I personally mix tobacco with my joints. They last alot longer and you can roll less weed in them. And smoke nicer.
  4. Use a bowl, you will like it alot more when you get done smoking that joint and have no more, as opposed to doing a couple bowls-worth which would at least give you 3-4 bowls.

    Granted that joint would be a mindfuck haha.
  5. Thanks for the input guys.
    I just hit a few bowls in my bubbler and they hit me quite nice. I'm definitely glad I didn't roll that joint cause now I can take breaks between bowls and just chill
  6. and they get you higher:hello:
  7. mix some some basil leafs/
  8. really? o_O

  9. sorta. Its from the compounding effects of the tobacco. If you dont smoke tobacco often, you will get a nicotine buzz....which...i guess could make someone feel higher.

    Its just like everything else that is better when your high. The nicotine high is better when your high.
  10. #11 DMX, Sep 14, 2010
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    Hell yah they do. I smoke joints more often now since I hate running to the store for a dutch everyday. Ill just add a good amount tobacco to my joint so it can spread the bud out and last longer and get me blazed off 1 joint.

    edit: If your a non cig smoker this is a bad habbit. Its a bad habbit for me and I smoke cigarettes. But when I have no cigarettes, I have used grinded up dutch guts, tobacco from black n milds, tobacco from the buts of cigarettes. Just nasty shit dude. Dont smoke tobacco in any form( besides a bunt). It will just lead to addiction and bad health. I need to quit. But, my lifestyle just doesnt let me.
  11. I thought it was a nicotine buzz the first few times I smoked joints with tobacco in them, but I stumbled across this article not too long ago:

    Mixing tobacco and cannabis increases THC vaporization in tests | The NORML Stash Blog

    It's great if you have some mids and really want to get up there, but horrible for your lungs.
  12. I read in an article about quitting cigarette smoking that heating up the cigarette with your lighter before you smoke makes some of the tars? and chemicals stuck to the tobacco evaporate. Guess it would be the same for a j you just rolled.
  13. Oh yeah, sorry to OP for ignoring the question.
    Roll some skinny jays and stash them in case you run out before you replace your stash, leave the rest for your bowl.

  14. very interesting.

    I would like to see them test it on a human though. From what I read they just used a machine, how that is absorbed in the lungs could provide different results.

    Interesting to know though.

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