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should i roll a joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrdelta9, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, what's up? So I was wondering, I have enough bud for a blunt. or i could split that int a joint and a few bowls so, should i roll the blunt or the joint, or do you think i should roll any as i would only have enough for like 3 bowls

    just gonna be in my room playing warcraft 3

    also, i have a low tolerance and am high as hell of a bowl and a half
  2. Roll a joint, go for a drive while smoking it :D play some video games or something then light a few bowls up later :smoke:
  3. Make a gravity bong.
  4. Save it up man.I suggest you smoke only in the bong.That way saving everything for the could have some leftover's that you couldn't finish in the bong,because you where high as fuck.
  5. all great answers, lol
    and i wish i had some nice glass, but a gravity bong sounds great when i think about it
  6. Make a waterfall/gravity bong out of a 2 liter or 20 Oz pop bottle.
  7. i still havent made a waterfall yet, seems like a fun was to smoke though
  8. Making your own bongs is always fun. You get to smoke your beautiful artwork after you have sculpted it.
  9. damn, i used to smoke out of waterbottle bongs all the time,, not the best just a simple throwaway, they got me tore up man. i am gonna make a gravity bong though, so i guess that close enough
  10. You get way more out of bongs and bowls.

    I'd suggest doing blunts only if you can afford it to be honest. Go ahead and do a few small bong hits if a bowl and a half gets you really high. Save your weed man :)
  11. you have a strong point
  12. How about you roll a nice small spliff with 0.15 - 0.2 in it or something just because spliffs can be nice. Then go with a small bong then a small bowl and see where you want to go from there!
  13. holy shit, man, i never even thought about that, haha
    ive always wanted to smoke a spliff, but usually dont smoke joints alone and my friend all think it would be nasty. you think tobacco from a winston red would go well?
  14. I personally don't actually smoke tobacco anymore bro :) Just throwing out the ideas. Give it a try! :D
  15. i shall do so, man
  16. I wouldnt make a spliff, but to each their own, I rarely smoke tobacco, only in cigars and hookah. I'm not a big fan of it
  17. well, i smoke cigarette, so i guess it wouldnt be as bad cause im just gonna smoke it anyway
    i know, smoking isnt good either way though, so my point is kinda weak
  18. Naw man tobacco's fucking poison. Make a waterfall, they're easy to make and give you big, fast, really milky hits
  19. Yeah, obviously I don't reccomend tobacco to anyone. I quit that two years ago. I was just taking into consideration that he smokes it and we can't change that. Just like we smoke weed and as much as some people don't like that we do it anyway.

  20. Marijuana is a bronco-dilator which means it opens the tubes in your lungs more. When you smoke tobacco and weed together, the nasty shit in tobacco is able to get farther into your lungs; so it is worse than smoking by itself.

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