Should I risk smoking? (Job)

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  1. I applied to Target last week in the store on one of their computers and it said they drug test just before hiring, so I stopped smoking since then. It said they would contact me by phone for any "openings" but I distinctly remembering not entering my phone number, and I would really like to work at Target :(

    It's been a week and no email or magical phone call, should I "risk" smoking?

    And if so..poll!
  2. I don't wanna sound like an asshole but I hope being a cashier or something for target is not your lifelong goal.

    Other than that, contact THEM, show interest, that is what will get you the job along with a good resume and cover letter. How long has it been since you applied?
  3. Haha, I'm a senior in highschool and am just looking to make some extra cash before I head off to college.

    It's been a week since, as previously stated.
  4. I didn't even notice that, you must've edited...i got

    Ok, it's fine if you're a senior XD. Give them a call ASAP and let them know you applied and are checking up to see about it. If you can, go by there with your resume and cover letter in hand and ask to speak with a manager about it.

    But hold off a little bit longer.
  5. Start carrying around some clean urine and get your smoke on, fuck it right?:smoking:
  6. the urine would have to be heated up somehow the proper temperature.
  7. See if you can figure out whether they test by urine or saliva. If saliva, go ahead and smoke - that test is more for detecting present intoxication, so you should pass the test in 24 hours at most. Urine takes about a week, but there are ways to cheat the test, fairly easily.
  8. Well if you're gonna smoke, might as well go all out
  9. If I were running a business, I would tell my employees this exact line: "I don't care if you smoke weed, hell, I'll smoke with you, but you better never be doing it on the premises, smoke it at night after work."
  10. You don't wanna work at Target, trust me. T A R G E T S U C K S

    "David Lawrinowicz of Lancaster had worked at Target for nearly eight years before the company fired him Wednesday - for buying two Zhu Zhu Pets.

    Not stealing them, buying them. Lawrinowicz, who worked the overnight at the Cheektowaga location on Walden Avenue, helped unload a shipment of the hot holiday toy at the start of his shift around 11 p.m. Before leaving for the day at 5 a.m. the next morning, he and six other employees lined up to buy a few of the plush hamsters each. Overnight employees are allowed to make purchases during the company's off hours.

    None of the workers bought more than the limit of four Zhu Zhu Pets per customer. In fact, Lawrinowicz bought just two of them for his daughter Jessica. There were more hanging on the store's racks when the employees cashed out.

    A few days later, Lawrinowicz said he was called into the human resources office and told employees were not allowed to purchase “popular items” until the store opens at 8 a.m. There was no write-up, and he went back to finish his work.

    Two weeks later, he and the other co-workers including his team leader were called in and fired by a choked-up, apologetic store manager. They were told the company's policy about buying “two-day ad items” had been clearly posted in a sign over the employee time clock.

    “There was no such thing. I look in that spot every day when I punch out and there was nothing there,” said Lawrinowicz.

    He can't help feeling his termination and that of his colleagues is overly harsh, especially right before the holidays. “I told them I would bring the things back. It's not worth losing my job over. It's an $8 toy,” he said. “But they said there was nothing they could do.”

    How many businesses have multiple websites dedicated to said businesses sucking?? HOW MANY?!

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