Should I retransplant?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jimi2cool, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. I have just transplanted my plants into their finisking pots (5gal buckets) and after i started i noticed i have a very heavy soil mix, added a ton of perlite which was all i had in a pinch to little effect. The drainege sucks and i had no time to fix it properly. 2 of 5 of them are now showing signs of heavy overwatering and one is very, very droopy. I want to save what i can. Should I try to

    1) transplant them into a lighter mix even though they just went through a transplant less than a week ago and are now in an unhealthy state to boot?
    2) wait it out and see if they can survive till the soil dries, let them recover and then transplant
    3) clone the tops, chalk those plants up as learning experiences and pray they live while rhaving the vlones in good soil getting ready to serve as a backup?

    I realize it would help to have an img of how bad it is but that would have to wait. it's mostly sativa and looks it, has 6 main tops and ALL of their leaves lower than the very top are drooping and DARK green. they are worst at the bottom where the leaves are vertical which goes more than half way up and from then on they fade to almost upright and the situation is worsening quickly. she is about3ft tall and yesterday (when the problem was only maybe half as bad) weas their first day of 12/12

    plz help, it'd be great if i can save this
  2. Get some good soil and repot. Make sure you have holes in the bottom of your buckets. Good luck.

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