Should i repot?

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  1. Just aasking as to whether i should transfer this one I have to a bigger pot just yet? Thank you.
    About 3 weeks old now.

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  2. Shits tiny for 3 weeks, you got roots coming out the bottom yet.
  3. Yeah mate go for it. As a general rule, once the first set of leaves is as wide as the container they’re ready. Usually around the 2 week mark.
    And next time fill those pots right up :)
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  4. Excellent thank you mate and i shall take note :) Happy new year!
  5. Happy new year inaw bud :)
    The reason she’s so small is the restricted root space. Roots are like cats whiskers. They feel the size of the grow space. Any size from 500ml upto 1L is perfect for rooting up in. Just gotta adjust times accordingly. 2 weeks give or take though and they should be popping out the third node (set of leaves).
    She’ll kick back into growth mode 5-7 days after transplant. Gotta give her time to lay new roots down before she’ll start growing again but be patient and all will be well :)
  6. Yep repot judging by you thumb and the pot it's hella small soil area.
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  7. I kinda messed up the start hence the size of her I'm guessing?
    No roots coming out of the bottom though and I've got. Good size drainage holes too?
  8. How big is the pot looks way smaller than a solo cup.
  9. Roots coming out the bottom is not a good way to judge if a plant ready to be repotted. It could simply be a root that was searching out moisture in the drip tray or whatever the container sits on.
  10. I concur, trying to see if he has a root ball goin yet. Hard to tell unless you got roots pouring out the bottom or pop it out of the pot and look.
  11. It would be easy to tell if the plant has a root ball or not at this point. If it didn't it would not be healthy.
  12. Im going to attempt a repot now and have a look. Thank you
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  13. No problem, hopefully that'll put the pedal down and itll take off.
  14. Yeah it kinda looked like it had balled up a little bit. Put her in a nice two gallon pot now, will see how she goes
  15. Nice, what medium is it. The idea is small pots force the rootball to get dense so its developed and will continue to develop dense roots as you pot up.
  16. Using coco coir with 30% perlite.
    Ah ok I see, makes sense.
  17. Coco is the shit bro, she will explode once those roots start reaching out.
  18. When the leaves begin to overhang the pot they are in, repot them if that was your plan.
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  19. oh yea repot use more water so the roots grow out dont repot and use less or same amount of water use more and change the dryout times until next water. ex if in that cup you do 1 cup per day transfer and do 2 cups every two day. dont follow my said measurments it is just a simple example. happy growings

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