Should i remove this leaf?!!

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  1. SHOULD I REMOVE THIS BROWN LEAF? its not toooo too crunchy, it still seems like it could be alive but i dont know for sure please help im new and i dont know what the fuck im doing, this should be easy but its fucking not.


    ill do anything to keep my plant from dying. i want at least a quarter out of this.

    i fed it approximately 2 days ago with a mix of 1/4 teaspoon in 2 litres of a 20-20-20 mix.

    what now? how can i save my beautiful leaves?!
  2. Just flush the water I hope it helps
  3. You're way too shy, just pull this one off, there are plenty of others to do the maths upstairs.

    You would have had to get rid of it in the next weeks anyway.

    Good luck!

  4. ^^^This for sure, cut it and it would be a good idea to slow down on watering alittle bit. And from what I can see..your plant is stretching a bit so i would lower your lights...
    Just some quick tips...hope it helps
  5. how far away should the light be from the plant? i currently have two 40watt cfl lights cool white... and they are a foot away for each light.

    and how much should i water it?

  6. CFL's should be around 3 inches or so from the plant. They produce very little heat and can be very close. Water whenever the top of the soil looks and feels kinda dry. Should be about every other day.
  7. how much should i water it at a time i meant

    can you cut the browning of the leaves off???
  8. It depends on your soil and drainage. Just ask yourself if you think the water your putting in is enough to moisten all the soil evenly. Its kinda your own thing. Dont cut off all browning leaves. Some can recover easily and are important to the plant. But the one you pictured I would cut it for sure. Its your own judgment really though.

    heres a link to my CFL grow, might help but idk.
  9. youre lights might be too far actually. looks like the plant is stretching
  10. The first picture looks like chlorosis- dark veins, pale yellow leaves.

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