Should i remove the larger fan leaves

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  1. i have a 2 1/2 month old plant starting to flower but my buddy said to remove any leaves that are bigger than your palm cause they waste energy should i do this and if so do i just cut at the stem? ill add photo soon
  2. People have VERY different opinions about this here but I have been trimming my two plants and it doesn't seem to have made much of a difference. I was told by a friends mom who has been growing for damn near 20 years that trimming is a complete waste of time and actually hurts the plant because they feed off the fan leaves..and I'd trust her over any single person on this forum, just because I've seen in person what she has grown (and she's damn good!) :smoke:
  3. alright thanks man ill go ahead and leave it with all leaves
  4. Especially if you're growing outdoors you should have no issues with insufficient lighting, that sun of ours works pretty well.
  5. thats good advice. +rep to you liazardking84. there HAS been alot of debate over this subject here at the city, but if this is your first or second time growing, then its best to just stick to what you know..
    Just Blaze It.....
  6. the bigger the fan leaf, the more light it can absorb and the more energy the plant has to produce buds. so if you cut off all fan leaves bigger than your hand, you'll most likely lose a good amount of yield.

    also, cutting fan leaves puts the plant under a lot of stress, which might cause it to hermie.
  7. what about if you are not flowering,, just trying to make a good mom, ,is it then ok?
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    its more than ok its ideal, let the soon to be clones get some light (in my opinion other people may disagree...but in my opinion the reason you want the leaves is so u still have food in the plant after the flush...but if your not harvesting her trim your little heart out)

    i feel like i answer the same like 10 questions every week lol we need to find a way to make stickys fun...and then after the stickies u should have to take a test where the answer to at least 5 questions is "its up to the grower try it one way and next time try it another untill you have your own opinions" and "research lst/fim/top" in order to see the forums lol

    or people should just look in the pages from when someone asked last week

    (but i must admit i didnt read too many stickies when i first started but i went out and bought jorge cervantes's horticulture bible which kind of eliminated the need for stickies)
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    The leaves are where photosynthesis is carried out, which makes the food to form plant tissues.
    I never trim my fan leaves - as the plant grows the lower ones get less light, so can no longer do their job, and they yellow and fall off.
    I feel that in this way nature is doing any trimming that is necessary.

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