Should I rail some opana right now :)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mr. M, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Idk if i should, its getting a little late, i railed a half already today but I kind of whould like to just rail some more and chill but i feel like thats a waste, I rather wait and do it b4 class tomorrow morning. If i do it now Ill have to do alot inorder to feel good in school tomorrow. If i do it now ill just play video games and chill. I have a few pills so idc about my supply as much as the quality of my high.
  2. I would wait, then rail that shit right before I drove to school.
  3. I would wait, I never like doing opiates at night, I feel like I fall asleep before I'm really done, which is both a waste of a good high and kind of dangerous.
  4. Ya man, go to school sober, it sucks but its good to actually learn shit instead of sit there noddin.
  5. I actually find myself more interested in school activities while under the influence of certain drugs.

    But that's just me.
  6. *Mexican cleaning lady from Family Guy voice* : Nooo..
  7. School on opies is wonderfull, as long as you can handle it then I would do that. Also if you actually need to learn it then probably not a good idea
  8. opiates in school is good if you can handle it

    i remember when i was maybe like 16, me and a few friends were railing oc at my house before school and one got to school, the principal looked at him and he puked all over him...he never got in trouble for being under the influence but it was hilarious.
  9. For real? I mean I'm not talking opana or anything but I like to take about 30-40mg hydrocodone about 8PM and fuck around until 11 or 12 and pass smooth out.

    Good times since I was 17 ;)

  10. I mean, the high from hydro isn't as long, so 8pm is really that late, but it's 9pm here on the EC, and I would guess an Opana high lasts 6-8 hours, since I'd say that's how Dilaudid lasts (definitely longer than oxy/hydro).

    I'd say what you're saying isn't really ridiculous, and isn't out of line with what I've done myself on occasion. I was thinking it was more of a waste to get good and blown on OC or Dilaudid or H and then just pass out, that's when you're really at risk for respiratory failure as well (at high doses).


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