Should I quit?

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  1. My girlfriend wants me to quit blazing. The reason? Her mom is addicted to pills and her dad is an alcoholic. So she wants someone that's sober in her life she says. I feel terrible, this is my first love. She said she won't break up with me if I don't, but I feel in time, she'll make me quit or leave.
    What do you blades think?
  2. What do you value in your life? Change comes from within, otherwise it will be superficial. I wouldn't change a philosophy I had or a behavior just for one person. I guess I value freedom too much. She's just another person.
  3. Do you see yourself marrying this girl and starting a family with her?

    If not, keep blazing :cool:

    Actually, if you do keep blazing because it is your life and she should have no influence on what you choose to put into your body.
  4. I personally wouldn't want to date someone who didnt accept me for who I am, but if you love her, you need to figure it out on your own bro
  5. Few things have caused more break ups than unsuspecting fools losing their ways to their women and then being dumped for it. Women usually don't really want you to change and they will probably even think less of you if you do change per their requests.

    Just explain to her why your healthy use of cannabis is different than an addiction to alcohol or prescription pain kills. And if she doesn't accept your stance on the matter, forget her.
  6. Look at this realistically man, your not going to be with this girl every waking minute of the day and night. So if you have a night to yourself bro just light a couple bowls, its not hurting anyone and if she's not with you she's not going to know.
  7. At the end of the day it's just a drug, and it can't suck your dick

    I hate to sound lewd but that's the truth. Women are more valuable to me than weed. And if you feel anything similar to love, she's worth it. You can always try to change her opinion on it later.
  8. Post a picture of her, that will help a lot deciphering whether or not you should quit smoking for her.
  9. Have you tried to help her understand? Show her some research, some documentaries, help her understand the plant, why you enjoy it, and why there is no reason to be worried.

    I wouldn't quit for her, though. Do you really want to live the rest of your life not being "allowed" to smoke? Assuming you want to be with her for that long? :p

    Try to communicate and come to an understanding first. Compromise if you must. But don't change who you are for her.

  10. Yes, that is a very important fact. People value independent thinkers. People who stand their ground and have a strong constitution. Remember though, constitutions have amendments. ;)
  11. [quote name='"grizzlybearman"']At the end of the day it's just a drug, and it can't suck your dick

    I hate to sound lewd but that's the truth. Women are more valuable to me than weed. And if you feel anything similar to love, she's worth it. You can always try to change her opinion on it later.[/quote]

    Wtf? This is terrible advice. Why would you give her the power in the situation? If you believe in something stand by it. She will respect you for it in the end
  12. I'm going to talk to her tomorrow. I'll bring back good news hopefully:smoke:
    I'm pushing for her to accept it haha
  13. Gotta keep that pimp hand strong
  14. damn sounds like shes been through a lot.
    i can see where shes coming from as well, wanting something stable in her life.

    but if you want to smoke just don't smoke as much in front of her.
    i wouldn't lie & be like ya babe ill quit & continue to blaze.
    just be straight up with her & tell her youll be responsible.

    but pills/alcoholism are on an entirely different level,
    you can't die from not smoking can from withdrawal from alcohol & some pills.
  15. This. Don't lie to her, say that you won't smoke when your with her or when your out or when you have obligations. Just smoke at night when you would otherwise be watching tv by yourself or sleeping
  16. The show must go on!
  17. She just came over guys! She told me to cut back to 2 times a week. Which is good, cuz now I'll just tell her 2 times a week that I'm smoking:smoke: All is good in my world once again:smoke:
  18. I've been down this road. You are either going to quit and be bitter at her or keep smoking and she will be bitter at you.

    It is your life and you should enjoy it how you like, but make some concessions. She should have to as well. Come to some kind of agreement. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. If she says it does then she is selfish and you don't want that anyway.

    Good luck man.
  19. Women who try to change who you are are just not worth it. This is from personal experience.
  20. Do it. I can understand what she means. She doesn't want to change you, she just wants to have the real you all the time at your best and brightest haha. If its really that important to you you can later tell you that you miss it in your life but trust me, you quitting would mean a ton to her and if she's your first love, doesnt that sacrifice make it a bit more special?

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