Should i quit smoking with this kid?

Discussion in 'General' started by TazzLAzz, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. i helped this kid out with an 8th of some goodshit. We were supposed to match after school since i had a good amount of bud on me. But he never showed. Well actually i waited like 5 minutes then said fuck it and smoked with some other people. So idk if he woulda actually showed up. And i wasn't gonna call him when i just met him.

    Anyway next time i saw him i asked if he wanted to go roll one since i didn't have anything to smoke out of at school. He had a swisher and his car so we blazed.

    But when i saw him today he asks if i wanna smoke. I asked if he had five. I don't smoke people out everyday. He says "nah all i got is money for the swisher." But when i saw him in gym he was blazed. And he told me he ended up smoking.

    So idk do you think he is kinda a bitch? Idk whether or not he has money. But he keeps only putting up swishers. And claims he doesn't have five then ditches me? Idk. Should i quit smoking with him?

    Oh and when he got the 8th he was two bucks short....but i let him go since i figured he was tryna save cash to buy papes.
  2. Yea, I always blaze people up...

    But after a while, u ain't throwin in you ain't smoking.

    Roll a super pinner and if he says something say its all ya got..

    After a bit hell stop wanting to smoke with ya..

    Or tell him to come correct next time
  3. Yeah, he sounds like a selfish bitch.

    Don't smoke with him anymore til he smokes you up at least once.
  4. Do you know that he had bud when you saw him in gym blazed? He could have just told somebody else all he had was a swisher and they smoked him out. Just keep shit real and tell him that if he can't match, he can't smoke.
  5. idk man some people are just stingy. when you smoke with him make sure the match is even and if he gets annoying just stop chillen with him. already sounds like hes on thin ice with you anyway.

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