Should I quit my job?

Discussion in 'General' started by hippie flip, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. - It's shitty pay (below minimum wage, I'm actually too embarrassed to tell people how much I make)

    - Awkward hours (Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday day)

    - Everyone that works there is a douche, I do not enjoy being there at all

    - I'm fucking tired

    Oh and I got enough money to last me till September when I will get student loans.
  2. Make the first step towards happiness my man. If you're truly unhappy, quit. If you ever had any thoughts about quitting in the first place, it's only going to get worse.
  3. Do you have another job lined up?

    Do you need your job to survive financially?

    Will quitting your job make you become a burden on someone else?

    If the answer to the first is no and the others yes.. Suck it up and wait it out while putting in applications at a bajillion places until you have another job lined up.

    That being said, you should definitely not remain at your job indefinitely if you are unhappy, underpaid, and not treated well.

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    I just quit my job after one year, hours were decent a lot of overtime and no work on the weekends, but I was constantly harrassed by my boss and assisstant managers. Sometimes you just need some new scenery, its not 100% necessary to have a job lined up, just apply at minimum 5 places a day, keep your eyes and ears open for any leads and stay positive. Quality of life > money. Don't put yourself through hell, life is too short for that shit. Good luck with everything!
  5. gotta do whats gonna make you happy in the long run. i work for a debt collection agency and every day when i go in i wanna go to my douche bag boss call him a few nasty words (beggining with c and f) upper decker all three toilets in the bathroom do the worlds biggest burnout out of the parkinglot. i wanna quit soooo bad. but its fiscally irresponsible:mad:
  6. Happiness > Money (As long as you got what you need to survive)
  7. I'd quit if you have enough money saved up and student loans on the way.
  8. If it's below minimum wage, turn them in, get a lawyer, and sue them for the back wages they owe you. Use the money you win to better your situation.

  9. Meh, it's cash in hand so I think they can pay me whatever.
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    No, minimum wage is literal; it's the minimum you can be paid with few exceptions. Just google "(insert state or province) minimum wage exceptions". If your job doesn't fall under an exception and you're being paid hourly, your employer owes you back wages for sure.
  11. Shitty pay, dumb hours, douchy managment. Welcome to the working world.
  12. actually i would enjoy that job, be like(fake ghetto accent) yo bitch wheres my fucken money, dont make me hunt you down. HAHAHA we better have a couple bucks or yo gonna be swimmin with the fishes, understand me funny boy.
  13. every swear can be a 3000$ fine for you personally due to fdcpa law. every threat anything you do even a little wrong can land you in deep shit.hahah
  14. Theres lots of people who hate their jobs, but if i were you i wouldnt quit unless you have another means of getting money to live
  15. Get something else lined up, not making income is a lot worse than a shitty job.
  16. Throw some elbows on your way out the door.. Go easy on your loans til you find something better, maybe walk some dogs for cash in the meantime?
  17. 21 - 0

  18. aw bubble burst, fuck that shit you gotta be mr rogers.
  19. I say that you should tell your boss it's not worth it to you to keep working there unless you get a raise or the conditions of your employment are otherwise improved to your liking.

    If the boss acquiesces, things will get a lot better at your work. And if he refuses your requests, you'll feel a lot less guilty about quitting than you might have if you hadn't tried to fix the situation first.

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