Should I quit my job at Subway?

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  1. I've hated my job since day 1, but I've been working there for 9 months. I'm the night time shift supervisor and I'm being paid 8.25$ an hour. I usually work a 5 hour shift starting at 5pm and we lock the door at 9:30pm. I just can't handle the job; the stress, annoying customers, endless lines, constantly having to try and speed up to just finish on time. It's stupid.

    My main reason for not wanting to work there any longer is the fact I have to bust my ass working as fast as I can for 5 hours and i'm only getting $8.25 an hour. The amount of stress I endure pushed me to smoking cigarettes again and I'm pretty depressed. I usually sleep in til 12:30pm only because I don't wanna get up and start my day because I dread it.

    I don't really have bills I need to pay, and have about 500$ saved up. I fell like everything would be better if I didn't work there any longer.

    If anyone's been in this situation or has any advice for me, please let me know. I have work in about 4 hours, and right now I set that ill call them and say im sick and go in tomorrow and give them back my uniform.
  2. i've been in that situation many times. usually I do the stupid thing, and quit. I recommend that you do not quit until at least finding another job.

    I worked at a firehouse subs once, so I know how it is.

    If you quit it will be okay for a little bit. Until you are broke, and have waaay too much time on your mind.

    oh and if you decide to call in sick or whatever, i'm sure by the time 10 oclock rolls around you'll be like damn... I should have sucked it up.
  3. i mean i know a bunch of people are gonna say "at least you have a job" but you should do what YOU feel is right.
  4. Damn dude, DON'T DO IT! Get another job lined up first, seriously. Count yourself lucky you have a job in the first place. If it bothers you that much, then by all means quit, but not until you have another job lined up man.
  5. Dont quit, I need my sandwich bitch.
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    Yea bro dont do it. Keep savin up and wait until the opportunity comes before you give up your job now. Unless that life is under a brigde to the dude under me.
  7. Quit. Its better to have a life than to make a living.
  8. Yeah, well i've put in my resume at a fancy dinning place in fashion island. My friend works there, and his moms the manager. Chances are, i have the job.

    I was gonna wait til i got the other job before i quit, but im getting pushed over the limits. I think i might be happier running around town with my dog and fishing pole then working at subgay any longer. Plus i have a car i should be painting and selling on craigslist, but i lack time.

    i feel like working at subway has put me in a terrible depressing rut, and the only way out is to quit and start again.
  9. If you have keys to the store or are doing supervisory duties such as delegating work to other employees, doing orders, etc. then you should be looking for a new job if you're only getting a buck over minimum wage. That's an absolutely ridiculous hourly rate to give anyone with "supervisor" in their title, regardless of whether they're shift managers or store managers. Highway fucking robbery, I'd be livid.
  10. I'm in that same situation but its Sonic, which is much more fast paced than any Subway I've ever seen. Just do what you feel is the best for you, yea busting your ass sucks but its part of the job. At least you don't get 50+ orders every 20 minutes during happy hour.

  11. That's what i was wondering. There are nights where me being supervisor and one other employee make around 700$, and i'm doing most of the grunt labor. Minimum wage is 8$ here so, im making a quarter extra. AKA the other employee makes a dollar less than me each day i work.
  12. my opinion?: if you are super depressed like suicide-like depressed id quit, if its just a fucked up job adn you just dont like it then id say dont quit yet, save a little sum sum ... maybe lookout for another apployment and get that job ... do you live with your parents etc? you can of course more easily say fuck it ;) if not stick with that job dude lookout for a better one and i wish you the bste man ;)

  13. Were right next door to a college. Try making sandwiches for 2 hours straight as fast as you can. Tomatoo tomatoe, both are jobs suck lol
  14. Seriously? :laughing: a QUARTER over minimum wage and you're in charge of other employees? I would definitely be on the horn sending some resumes out to prospective employers dude, that is insultingly low. Don't pull a Half Baked if and when you do quit, keep the reference untarnished for sure...but I would definitely at least take your store manager or DM aside and respectfully inquire as to when you might start making enough money to actually justify the added responsibility. Absolutely ridiculous...
  15. I work 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, night shifts (7pm to 7am) with mondays off

    After working this job for two years, I am surprised i am still sane.
  16. Aint that the truth, I get off work and the last thing I want to see is another god damn hotdog or hamburger.

  17. fuuuuuck that dude, please find yourself a new job.

    And like others have said, $8.25 an hour as a manager is fucking absurd. Tell them you either need a raise or you're done.
  18. ask for a raise like 12 dollars... and try to negotiate for 10... if it doesnt work, then flip them the bird

  19. This is what i plan on doing on Wednesday. I'm suppose to have work in 3 hours but, im gonna call and let them know my grandpa got into a car accident and i cant come in.

  20. wouldnt do that... a knew a piece of shit and even though everyone hated her she was even more hated because she did stuff like that... if you want a raise come to work... would you raise a loan of a dude who does that? course its ok if you only do it once but dont take them for stupid and just because they cant proove shit doesnt mean the dont believe in what they think ;) just dont let your grandpa be in too many car accidents :wave:

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