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Should i? Quick Response Needed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Shogun2002, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. I'm just home, it's after 1am, im pretty stoned/drunk and im thinking abouit eating a hash youghrt and can't decide whether to or not?

    Thinking about getting real wasted all night long is a thought........

    quick reply anyone?
  2. Just do it.
  3. I can't do it now, fuck sake. there's no yougherts at home, have to get some tommorow.
  4. Yep!

    Tommorow night cause i gotta work till 11, so after that!!!

    anyone like lynard skynard?

  5. Hell yeah. They have too many good songs to list, but Gimmie Back My Bullet, and Tuesdays Gone, have got to be a couple of my fav's. (And of coarse Sweet Home Alabama;) )
  6. Yes, that Skinny Leonard makes some fine rockin rolls.
    Soooooo, yogurt hash ehhhhh.
    Does it not make your pipe sticky?

    Stoned and Drunk at the same time.
    I kinda remember what it was like.
    Seemed to be fun at the time.

    Beer or whiskey?

  7. Yoghurt hash, you eat it, not smoke it.

    Yes,it's very fun,

    well,drinking magners if you heard of that?

  8. um... I'm almost positive he was being sarcastic. Maybe you were too. Fuck, I'm high so now I'm really confused.
  9. startin it out at 1 am is a bit risky.... you could fall asleep easily

  10. i was rather messed up when i said that, so take no notice.

    Well it's midnight here now and i ate my youghert about 40 mins ago, it's starting to come on.

    Skreebly- starting out at 1am a bit risky? have you never done all night sessions?

    Once me and friends went out smoking during the day, then went to a party that night, got drunk and very high and then done a youghert at 3am..never feel asleep all night until about 11am the next day and that was only for an hour too.
  11. Shogun

    You should watch out though, b/c if you do fall asleep with weed food in your system(that you just ate) you will have an insane hangover like no other the next morning!
  12. thc

    well i didn't fall asleep till well after 4am i think last night, i only got around 4 or 5 hours sleep and when i woke up i was still kind of stoned, a weak high but still feeling it and i didn't have a hangover at all, now i'm dry though.
  13. next door neighbor went to school with him and he said that they got the name from the PE teacher...

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