Should I put rocks in my soil?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by champloo, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I remember someone i think corto said that hes grown a good plant in a gravelly area.

    Could i put some rocks into my mix to give it more oxygen, like, to make the soil loose.
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    No that wasn't me! Rock dust is excellent for trace elements. But plain rocks are unusable mineral so don't feed your plant. They do aerate the soil and esp. drain water though (use more in clay soils, not sandy soils). Used at bottom of pots often for drainage too.
  3. Always, always add rock dust for both indoor as well as outdoor plants. Here's a link as to the 'why' as well as sources around the world for rock dust -

    It's cheap. It's effective. It helps the environment. The best part is that they're all good and equally effective with a couple of very minor exceptions.


  4. Instead of rocks, try perlite.
  5. Yeah, but i gotta pay for that.

    Lol, sorry Corto! I thought it was you my bad bro.
  6. when i've put bonemeal/bloodmeal in my soil mix in a 5 gal bucket, i not only put rocks in the bottom for drainage, i put a layer of rocks on top of my soil to help keep the critters away from my soil mix...
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    Ahh, good idea ;). I might do rocks, then native soil over that to blend it :)

    But, bears are big and strong, they wont have trouble digging through some little rocks :p.
  8. You don't have $5 to spare on a bag of perlite?
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    Rocks aren't very useful. They don't feed your plant, don't hold water, just air out the soil a bit and esp. drain water.
    Perlite or Vermiculite, are also inert minerals, but their porous (perlite) and spongy (vermiculite) structure hold more water and air out the soil much better. Use per and ver with some peat/coco or just use Promix which has all 3. Pebbles can be used in the bottom of pots to drain.
    Use a mulch on top, not rocks!!!
  10. Yeah i do, i was under the impression that it was pretty expensive.

    And if i had say 10 plants, that could get costly, along with other expenses, it could be something i might be able to substitute.

    Just an idea lol.
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    Depends what you mean by ´rocks´. I add sand and volcanic rock chips to improve drainage. I can´t see big chunks of rock having much of an effect, though.
  12. Well things can get expensive..but after you harvest, would not the yield outweigh the cost?

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