Should I put my plants outside now?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Biogreenthumb, May 3, 2016.

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    Hey guys so I need some solid feedback. These are my three clones in the back and the three front ones are from seed. Since Friday they have all been on 16 hour light cycle/8 hours night. Yesterday I moved 5 plants from seed outside. The days here are 13 hrs and 36 minutes roughly. I am hoping the seed plants don't bloom early. But my question is should I move my clones out also right now? Or wait longer to adjust time? I don't think I will have reliable supplemental lighting outside.. Please let me know what you think. I am in SoCal I.E.

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  2. You can move them out now definitely, I started mine outside straight after germination and they're doing perfectly fine and healthy
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  3. Hey thanks for the reply StonedSnakes!
    You are probably right. I have heard that when seeds germinate and are placed outdoors right away they do better because the plant is still in its "kid" stage, so to speak, it is not likely the plant will bloom early. However since clones inherit their more mature form, they are more susceptible to early bloom. So I guess I am just worried because I have had the clones indoor and theyre still at 16 hrs and the day is 13.5, I'm hoping the 2.5 hour difference won't muck em up.
  4. Bio
    June 1st is the best set out day.. Your risking flower setting out to soon..
    Dusk till dawn solar lights holding my clones in veg.. I'll spread them out today since they've gotten big
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  5. Very clever and cool set up! Thank you BrassNwood, appreciate your help.
  6. Super neat idea... you sir think outside the box.... :thankyou:
  7. Bio..
    Some general notes..
    14.5 is the actual trigger point of most photoperiod strains..
    16-8 should be used from seed sprout or clone cutting as changing hours often triggers light shock and flowering on plants your going to use outside..
    It takes most strains around 30 days to mature enough to flower.. That is the 1st of may seeds plant outside timing.. It's also what the 12-12 from seed runners plan on for their style of Sea of Green grows..
    I'm at latitude 33 and have learned only June and July are dependable veg months.. Just can't expect anything but flowering outside that so I took advantage of that and the fact it never freezes here and I just flower outside all damn year round.. 3 or 4 sets a year in the same pots and holes in the yard..
  8. Hey BNW, I have a question. So I understand you have your light running dusk till dawn. But on June 1st do u just stop supplementing them wth light and just let them go naturally ?

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  9. In short yes.. Past June 1st they will hold their own in veg.. That solar set came from 24-0 so they still might pull a bit of flowering but the rest of my summer plants came up from seed under 16-8 and should move flawlessly out on June 1st as well..
    Seed starts under T5 high output 16-8 lighting from sprout..
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  10. Nice BNW, your plants from seed look awesome!
    I have one more thing I need your feedback on..
    • These are the plants now outside. So they were all on 16/8 photoperiod since last friday. Like you said, without supplemental lighting they most likely would bloom, especially the 3 clones in the far back. So since I am not able to stay with them all night long everyday, I cannot really set a timer on the light above them. so right now I am leaving them all out with a cfl lighting them all up from dusk till dawn also until June 1st. I figure this is a better option than not having any extra hours of light on them, am I right? 3 clones, and the rest are from seed, is this a reasonable move that I made for now? Thanks BNW
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    Bio.. That should do just fine.. You only need to keep them assisted for about 3 more weeks.. It's not a set in stone thing and the further north the sooner you can push them out in theory but in actual practice even the Nor Cal guys I followed used June 1st as their safe set out - turn off the assisted lighting day..
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  11. Thank you BNW..
  12. I'm pushing 4 plants outside on Sunday.

    Gonna use my flood light in my back yard to keep me vegging till June.
  13. Nice Garden Viking! What region are u growing in? Cali??

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