should i put a dome on clones in bubbler

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  1. I just made a little water bubbling cloner box i have eight blk jack clippings should i put a plastic bag or a dome over the clones or is misting them couple times a day ok??? I dipped all of em in rooting gel dyna grow i think and i put couple drops of superthrive in the water and a little magic sea i heard that it works well for helping feed the clippings as a foliar spray any help please id like to keep this strain going without re seeding never cloned one attempt in a propigator and it failed horribly poss because i used very young and small clippings.
  2. No. My clones never need any humidity.
  3. im w/ ohspyro89, my clones have never needed a humidity dome. 100% success rate for years
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    i would say it depends on where you live. i live in Denver, and its a necessity here for optimum root growth, imo. we have very low humidity (many times around 30%), however, and you can do it without a humidity tent but I dont recommend it. it really helps root growth in the really early phase to have high humidity.

    so, I would say to just make sure you have a high humidity environment for your clones for the first week or so. if you live in a high humidity area, no problem without a tent I would think. but, if you live in a drier area, i suggest it at the least. there will most likely be high humidity in your bubbler, so you may not need the tent on top. my two cents.
  5. ^^yep.

    here in Ohio we have dry winters and humid summers........i definitely need one in the winter but not so much in the summer.

  6. thanks OSUB.

    Also, dirtywhiteweeds, when you use a humidity tent (or plastic or whatever) there is usually a very easy way to tell that you have it set up well. you will see condensation appear on the sides on the tent. at least, thats a good sign for me, i feel. that means you are around 90% or so (what I shoot for during the first week for sure).

    you want to balance keeping all your moisture in (high humidity) with a little air flow for breathing.
  7. i always use a clone dome. and the small side cuts are what i use too. you don't want thick woody cuts, they're harder to root.
  8. yeah, I figure better safe than sorry. you really cant over do the high humidity for the first week especially.

    also, GrowBot, that is a hilarious avatar pic of joker alaskan. lol. awesome.
  9. I live in washington, pretty dry area.. never used a dome in my life.. cutting fan leaves to the halfway point is all ive deemed necessary for optimum rooting. plain water. if i feel fancy ill use something with a vitamin B complex :p My shiskaberrys tend to lag a little so in cases like that ill add the goodies.
  10. Thanks i used a nice plastic dome with a adjustable vent on top 100% success as soon as i started the dome they all perked up now in 5 gal deep water culture experiments with general hydro nutes thanks peeps stay high
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    no problem. it really seems to be personal preference and success/failure over time. I have always had great success with humidity domes on my clones and seedlings. it really seems to help speed rooting, as any literature on the subject will tell you as well.

    edit: this spring i used some seeds i obtained and i set a personal record in seed germination using a humidity tent while its also a bit more humid in colorado. three days after placing the seed in a rockwool cube and placing that cube in the tent, the seed had not only sprouted from the top of the cube but had two small starter leaves. take that as you may, but I was shocked. fast as heck.... usually I find it takes a little over a week for that to happen to seeds in colorado without a tent.

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