Should I push her button? (wink wink)

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Nov 2, 2002.

  1. The situation..
    This girl, mmmm, girl, ok..we've known each other for six years. We went to highschool together for 2 years, then I moved an hour away, went to college, and we've lost touch until now. We are like 2 souls in one body. different, but so alike. I had a crush on her, I told her this after she told me she had a "past" with her lessssssbian roommate. I couldnt resist. she is cute, very attractive, and I think I just want to make out with her. haha...Im not sure if these are misdirected feelings, but I wouldnt mind getting some ass right about now. did I tell you shes cute too? anyway, we are friends, very goood friends, and physically close. Should I push the button?!?!?!?! or TRY TO?!?!?! Im going to see her today....and sleeeeeep over...SO WISH ME LUCK. Im sick in the head. Im gonna try to push her button. hahaha...I needed to get this off my chest. But I dont think she wants that..Hell, Ill find out, I guess. I really needed to get this off my chest. I feel better. I feel even better if I make out. hahaha...mmmm girlies
  2. i cant do this..
  3. Yes I can.
  4. i shouldnt do this..
  5. i probably will though..
  6. Go for it Sensi.....

    Take her to church.... ;)

    Even if you don't go for the button....

    Take her to church anyways! :D
  7. librarians are a rare breed..go for it
  8. sensi ....she wants it

    if she dident want it

    she would NEVER have brought up her "expeereance"

    hit it girl!

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  9. You go girl!!!!
  10. Yeah! I want some!!!
  11. Well Im back and NOT LAID. SO I went to see her at her apt at college, get drunk and hopefully get some. At the apartment, about 10 people were there, we were just hanging out, playing beer pong, getting CLEARLY wasted and horny. About 5 of the girls were bi or gay. YAY ME. but only one of them was cute enough, besides my friend, that I would hook up with...Youd think Id be A-OKAY..and in the running..
    The situation was interesting to say the least, My friend who later that night told me shes not over he ex, was pushing me to flirt with the cute girl. I found out that the cute girl was messing around with my friends EX. So here I go flirting my little lesssy ass off, and she is diggin it big time. at the end of the night, dont you know my friend pulls me aside and says she doent want to hook up with me. WELL DAMN. so we into a coversation about how we're not over out ex's, which I didnt know about her, and I end up asking straight out (like a retard) so there would ever be an "us" That wasnt too smart I suppose, but all these fucking mind games are driving me nuts. The night (lol actually morning) ended up with me giving up and giving in to the realization that Im not getting any anytime soon, so why am I trying!!? We did of course end up sleeping in the same bed and waking up with nothing gained except a hangover and a sore neck. IRONICALLY NOT FROM WHAT I WOULDVE WISHED THE REASON BEING.
  12. oh sensi my sensi

    poor girl

    she is a bitch and should have been more receptive to your needs !

    if that girl dont want to know ....forget her!

    dont worry just go to church !

    besibes it could be worse?

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  13. ^^^ IS THAT LEGAL??!?!!

    i thought the constitution said we had to shoot that kind...

    librariens got some weird tits.
  14. whoa. yeah i suppose it could be worse. ill be heading to church soon enough..
  15. if you come to church you will get touched.
  16. we all need a good tuching every now and then
  17. yeeeeeeah im gettin tired of touching myself
  18. Being touched by someone besides yourself rules!!!!!
  19. this I do know, just lack of some one else results in...blah.

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