Should I Purchase This Toro A/C?

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  1. Here's the rundown:

    My daily driver is a 7/13, that I use with a Carbon Filter to keep it extremely clean resin-wise, and hit wise. I have some lung problems and usually end up hacking away but the diffusion in it plus the the Carbon Filter makes the hit usually extremely nice for me compared to most pieces.

    Now my LHS got in a Toro A/C Script Label....which is the same label as my 7/13 so I obviously wouldn't mind copping it since I hear that they are rare, much less having to match labels. The A/C is a beast and I wouldn't mind having it, or adding it to the collection.

    However I am simply not interested in it and spending the money if the A/C won't hit as well or keep it as clean as my Filter, and that's what I've come to. I simply don't think it will do as well of a job, except cooling down the hit more.

    What do you think blades? He also has it listed a bit high I thought; he's trying to talk to me into somewhere 150-190 for it?
  2. I don't know if i missed it, but is it a circ or 8-arm? And 150-190 is a large range. I'd say grab it either way for $150.
  3. Oh sorry totally didn't include. It's a Toro Circ (didn't realize how monster they are, shits like a fucking Can) which I hear works a bit better on 7/13 anyway.
  4. i have a 7/13 as well and i always use a catcher so that if i do pull through it's much easy to clean that then the whole bong.. adds some more drag but if you get it for less than $175 or that then i'd say that's a good deal man!

  5. Yeah but my question is more of the Carbon vs. the A/C. I'd love to have that Circ Script label but I'm moving back to college in less than a week and I simply don't have the finances to spend 150 on a piece of glass that is going to do nothing more than my Carbon Filter......

    Like I said my Carbon Filter keeps the piece extremely clean, I don't get ash into the Arm, and usually only have to clean every couple days or so with the Filter.
  6. I am in the same predicament. I have a stemless 8 arm to 10 arm tube done by a local glassblower and it gets dirty as hell, I am almost leaning towards getting a carbon filter to keep it clean instead of getting an a/c.
  7. not sure, never tried a carbon filter but if you don't really have the finances now and your happy with your piece as is then just wait till you have the cash for it..
  8. Definitely what I was planning on doing! Was just debating whether or not it was worth stretching my money out a little bit to pick up the Script label Circ....I hear they are a bit rare, especially one matching my tube. So it's still worth the thought, I might, I might not.

    Right on! I can tell you the filter definitely helps! I usually can't stand the taste of the piece after it get's a little yellowish on the inside so I just clean it then. But I've got NO ash in it using the Filter, and like I said I have to clean the piece once every 3-5 days, and the filter and bowl every other time or so. I think it would just complicate things more for the most part except cooling down the hit a bit with the A/C.
  9. i was thinking the same thing today so i bought the mcfinn carbon filter...can't wait to try it out...i mainly bought it bc i like the idea of keeping my piece clean and not having to use a heavy ash catcher that weighs some of my tubes down.

    Also carbon filters just seem like they are only for the true mj connoisseur which is what i would like to think of most of us blades....especially the ones rocking sick tubes and oil rigs like the ones i see flooding these forums

  10. Man my tube get's res'd up after like two days of use, and I'm all out of simple green and can't be fucked to go through that much cleaning solution.

    Basically I see it like this, a carbon filter will keep the tube clean and filter out nasty tar and shit. I've seen some people say the carbon catches thc and I have no idea if that's true.

    But an A/C would get just as dirty as the tube (unless you used the carbon filter on the A/C too) so you would just be cleaning the A/C every day or so instead of the bong.
  11. Off topic, but are you using the SG concentrate, or the home cleaner?

    The concentrate will last basically forever. Water it down, clean, strain out particulate, put in an empty container to use later.
  12. The concentrate.
  13. Try to get it for 150-170ish less if you can. Then use the Carbon Filter on top of the A/C. If you don't have the money for it now it really isn't a big deal, their are better a/cs out there for less or similarly priced IMO, but they just wont match the 7/13. Just pick up one when you do have the money.

    When I was using a CF I would use just a small amount of carbon to reduce any drag, but it was a Roor CF so it might of had a bit more drag then say a mcfinns etc. I would just swap it out often. Even then it wasn't really an issue if I was using a clean screen .
  14. Carbon will filter the smoke more, Ash Catcher will Cool it more. Id say with the 7/13 your getting alot of diffusion and i doubt a ash catcher would make it much smoother of a rip honestly (it will but idk if as noticable than a carbon filter).

    If i had to pick between an AC or a Filter, Id choose a filter myself.

    My daily is a SG stemline and i ALWAYS use my carbon on it, with or without my Apix ash catcher.

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