Should I punch my wife in the face?

Discussion in 'General' started by West Coast Blunts, Aug 2, 2013.

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    I'm coming home from a long day of food courts, tourist and funky nudist. I just wanted to sit back drink fucking Stella and smoke a blunt on the couch, maybe watch some bootlegs. But nope ! I come home to my wife getting comfortable with some Mexican guy teaching her Spanish and how to flamingo.
    I'm just a little irritated because we were suppose to play Wii Spanish when I got home. She does not realize I'm home yet, should I go get the sock em bopper and surprise falcon punch her for this shit?  FYI she's done this to me in my sleep so I figure pay back.[​IMG]

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  3. Sounds like the beginning to an odd porno.
  4. She got the herp now. Bon appetit.
  5. maybe she is not happy with her current toy
  6. Punch the bitch, she cheating on you!
  7. Maybe those sockem boppers can spice up your sex life, so she doesn't feel the need to step out?
  8. Must Thai kick to tha face!
  9. Beat the shit out of both of them bro. It takes two
  10. If my wife cheated on me i would have to take action! Falcon Punch indeeeed. maybe a few swift Falcon kicks too... no more shins 
  11. Go cum on the Mexican guy.
  12. no, dont punch your wife
  13. Wait. What do you have against dancing the Flamenco?!
  14. Didn't read thread.
    However, yea.
  16. is summer over yet? I want quality threads back
  17. Punch a kitten.
  18. get a asian lady to "teach" you some oriental languages
  19. Is the Sock em Boppers some kind of inside joke prank that you guys do? If so maybe. I think you should talk to her, when he leaves and let her know that you were looking forward to spending time with her when you got home.
    Lol people he never said she was cheating on him
  20. I'm sure she just slipped and fell on his dick. 

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