Should I prune? Reduce light? (pics inside)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by westcountrygirl, May 10, 2011.

  1. Pics attached of my four girls.

    Currently 12 hours on, 12 hours off. Should I make it darker for longer?

    Should I prune any of the leaves to reach the bud?

    Thanks for advice!


  2. All seems fine and dandy to me.

    With 12/12, you are putting your plants into flowering. If you give them more "off/dark" time, they will come back in vegetative mode.

    I don't know why you would want to do that?

    About pruning the leaves, you could take off the big ones (under the stems, running along the body) up to the middle of the height of each plant.

    It'll allow more light over the lower buds and your plants will send more sap for your buds. But don't take away too much cause if you encounter a problem, it is good to leave some to keep photosynthesis going.

    Good luck, they are beautiful and healthy!

  3. Thanks! This is my first indoor grow, and I was wondering if 18 of dark might quicken things up a bit, but I'll remain patient with the 12/12.

    Will follow your advice with some careful pruning of the larger leaves from midway down. I've got a lot of "young buds" down there that seem to be missing out on the light. They grew larger than expected and I'm a bit cramped for space.

    Thanks again!
  4. It's the light that cause plants to reveg, not the dark.

    OP, don't cut any leaves and don't play with the light cycle. Let the plans grow. Good luck.


  5. So, a vote for not pruning. I'll wait before I act!

    Thanks for your help too SimonC.
  6. I don't know if you're new to forums or not, but I'd strongly suggest seeing who you're talking to before jumping in. Pruning leaves at this stage is nothing short of absurd. At the very least take a little time to study up on how plants grow.

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    Yeah, simon is absolutly right about the light.
    I'm under the influence right now, sorry.

    But I'd cut those lower leaves soon to get better penetration.

    To each his/her own, so do how you feel.

    And don't play with the light!:rolleyes:

  8. Haha, now that's funny.

    WesternGirl, I work under certain conditions, and Simon works in other conditions.
    I grow hundreds of clones under Sea Of Grass technique, so my technique is to take off all the lower leaves (and some branches as well) .

    I don't know how many plants and how much space Simon has, but if he has a tiny setup with "some" vegged and tall plants (meaning big yields), follow his advice. He may be in a setup more close of your stuff.

    Everything else is just a pissing contest or a big Dic... Bud contest.

    I'll say it again, they look very fine and healthy. Follow your heart, listen to your soul, don't drink nutrients and free your ladies.

  9. I agree. Everyone has their own technique so maybe do it however you feel is right and maybe next time try something different. Experiment and find your own technique and what works for you in your setup :)
  10. That's true. I'm a professional cannabis cultivator, and you're on your second indoor grow, after approaching the first in manner not at all congruent with someone who claims to have grown outdoors for 8 years. Hell, you don't even know how plants reveg, as exampled in your own words in a post above. Regardless, your thread:

    Removing secondary branches is a great idea. Leaves, not so much.

    Heh, my setup is quite a bit larger than yours, running off a dedicated 100A subpanel, yielding a minimum of 2oz dry/cured per every square foot. Please feel free to have a look at the plants I posted here, as well as my gallery on IC. It's pretty easy to see who knows what he's doing and who doesn't. Cultivation is an applied pursuit; it doesn't exist in a vacuum. We all produce something, it's just a matter of what that something happens to be. For example, this is what my top colas look like (1/2gal container for scale) after being trimmed down a bit:


    Or maybe, just maybe a successful grower might want to rely on science. The metaphysical approach does sound like fun, though. lol

    Please don't misunderstand my point. I'm not trying to attack you or to make you look bad . You're a novice grower. It's a simple as that. Nothing wrong it, as such, but certain limitiation do come into play when trying to advise others. Good luck.

  11. You're giving into too much seriousness, and from what I see you track down people for what they said, what they did, that's some insecure thoughts you have.

    Who gives a damn if they're right or wrong? We're just giving advice and I guess no-one is putting out really bad directions, no bad jokes I hope.

    Good big fat buds, well who cares as long as the plants are not dying?

    Yes I'm a newborn grower, but I achieved a good work for myself and that's all that count. I don't give my buds away, I don't sell them, that's all for me and I'm cool with that.

    You seem to be very proud with your production, well that's cool in my book. I won't get to your pictures cause I don't have your needs and will never have the same results, thanks to my different ways and setup, choices.

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    Hey, I didn't mean to start a disagreement when I asked for some advice...

    The reason I asked the question was because two of my friends offered conflicting advice both on increasing darkness to 18 hours and pruning.

    I've only ever grown outdoors, where Mother Nature takes care of the light and I have barely needed to prune.

    As the plants seem to be doing just fine, I think I'll leave them as they are. But thanks to those who have chipped in with their advice. I'll be looking forward to Harvest Time. :smoke:
  13. 1. dont use 18 hours of dark, stick to 12/12. 2. dont trim anything unless it is blocking a bud site. but imo from your pics, i would cut off the bottom 2 nodes of branches or so to focus more energy on the top.
  14. I'm willing to bet the folks asking the questions give a damn! They've put something on the line - whether its time, money, or concept of losing their freedom - and it sure doesn't seem like they'd be willing to compromise any of that just so a forum jockey could get his thrills sounding like an expert.


    Call me crazy, but it sure seems like we're growing to harvest bud, not leaf and stem. Growers care, that's who.

  15. From my experience, males don't have buds but they can expand your field.

    Females produce buds and seeds.
    You'll get one or the two of them, but if you don't get buds one day (even little ones) you've been screwed by your seedbank!

    I don't care.


  16. From my outdoor experience, this would make sense - as the tops of my indoor ladies don't seem as thick as my outdoor ones would at this stage.

    There are some bud sites midway that are being blocked by thick leaves. So far, I've been gently rearranging/pushing them out of the way, so that the buds get more light. I've looked around some grasscity posts and others seem to do that too, so hopefully it's a pretty standard/acceptable practice.
  17. personally, i like to do some pruning to the inner leaves. IMHO it helps light reach smaller bud sites on the plant and helps them grow larger.

    to each his own. simon sounds like he know his shit, and has the bud shots to prove it. i will consider myself a novice grower as well, but i can still get buds that weigh up to 15 grams dry.

    i would experiment and trim off some of the fan leaves in the middle to open up the center of plant. in some of my past harvests, after trimming large fan leaves off the main colas, it inspired bright violet and burgandy hues over the buds that were close to it.

    as i said though, to each his own.
  18. I liked doing some pruning because it makes the plant produce more new leaves and growth. Same as how topping a plant makes it produce more branches. I noticed after topping more branches started shooting out and after taking off some of the larger fan leaves, tones of new leaves started forming
  19. The buds get there energy from the leaves... trimming leaves=less leaves producing energy. I love how there's this idea that trimming leaves is better. Makes me lol
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    I'm just suggesting trimming leaves that are in the way from the light getting down to the smaller leaves. Cutting some leaves puts the energy to the new leaves and when I cut a leaf off, a couple come out in its place so I have two or more leaves in place of one

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