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should I pre-grind weed for a trip.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gabriel5404, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I am going on to a resort for 5 days tomorrow and I just bought an eigth of great stuff and I like the way the buds look whole but I want easy acess to it to roll joints and what not on the go without having to lug around a grinder and I also do not want to travel with a grinder. Should I pre grind some of the bud, all of the bud, or none of the bud? any suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance!
  2. just pre-roll a bunch of jays before you leave if u gunna smoke all of it on vacation
  3. Why not just pre-roll all the joints? Or, I'd just grind up everything now.
  4. Pre-grind the amount that you plan on smoking during the trip.
  5. roll it up into like 7 dubs, smoke one each day and one extra on on 2 of the days
  6. Rather than just grinding it, you should pre-roll all of it into some nice personal joints. Whatever size you think will get you stoned enough for each sesh. If I was going to a resort for 5 days, I would've bought at least a quarter...
  7. Pre roll joints, get a metal cigarette pack... PROPHET?

  8. An eighth should fit in a steel pill box well.
    I always grind up for the future.
  9. I thought about just pre rolling a bunch of jays but I am going to stash them somewere in my duffel bag and I dont want them to get ruined so I have no idea on where to put them in the car or what to put them into? And I have no idea where I would get a metal cigeratte case. Id also like it to be something so that the smell isnt that noticeable by evry1 else in the car.

  10. Hmm you could always get white owl tubes and put some cotton balls above them.

    Cigarette cases can be found at smoke shops.

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