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should i play xbox right now?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WizTheKhalifa, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. yea well im really high and if you guys think i should play xbox. I dont have a microphone, but i just got a mad strong erging to play halo. should i play or continue browsing the forums while very high/thirsty.
  2. Do what you want, not what random stupid stoners tell you.
  3. No you should definitely pick up a fork.
  4. Should I reply to this thread?

    O wait I just did...
  5. im having a very hard time deciding dude.
  6. Masturbation gets my vote.
  7. I wonder if anyone spaces out like I do when I play video games while high. I'll still be playing and shit, but then I catch myself blanking out, I dunno it's weird haha.
  8. you asked this question in the apprentice tokers lol. clearly you just want someone to talk to, go buy a new mic that works then get on xbox live :)
  9. i threw 4 ps3 controllers against the wall in the past 2 months. now my only controller is ductaped together
  10. Nobody cares.
  11. Dude play xbox I am so fucking good at xbox while high. Played NHL be a pro (usually I'm not very good) after some bong rips and scored 12 goals in 3 games lol it was godlike.

  12. I really dislike your thread. It's a waste.
  13. In soviet Russia xbox plays you!
  14. no sir you should quit smoking pot,accept the call of jesus christ,and go do missionary work in africa.....or you could just do whatever the fuck you want to do
  15. dude do it, i have a hard time deciding what i want to do when i'm stoned too, it's because it makes me creative and there are so many things to do i just don't know what to do!
    when you smoke weed plan out what you're going to do beforehand its much better you waste no time!

    you want to play Halo go for it

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