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  1. Alright guys so yesterday I took my Blueberry Gum seed by G 13 Labs and put it in a shot glass filled with boiled water that I cooled down and I did this yesterday at 9:00 pm in the evening/night.  So today I saw my seed at 11:00 am morning and I tapped it and it fell down at the bottom of the glass also I seen a white root like looking about to come out so what should I do put it in a paper towel method now or just plant it?
    First ever grow and I will be growing outdoors. 

  2. throw it in the dirt man, no need to complicate things with a paper towel.
  3. If you see a root tip, go ahead and plant her facing it down. 
    If you're doing outdoors I suggest keeping it inside for a couple weeks, let it get structural integrity before it's exposed outdoors. Cause a rabbit will eat the fuck outta your seedling in 5 minutes or be washed away in the next rain.
  4. Yeah thanks man I never really liked the paper towel method it looks like a complicated procedure alright I guess I'll be picking up soil today from Walmart and planting her.
    Thanks again
  5. Would the root tip mean the end of the root?

    And thanks for the tip for the rabbit and rain thingy there was supposed to be a thunder storm today so ill keep her in. But I'll plant her today though soil from Walmart and plant it in a small pot with a desktop lamp.
  6. And btw guys I'm going today to pick up soil from Walmart and what numbers should I be looking for in the soil for N-P-K? This question is really important for me. Thanks
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    You getting Miracle Gro? Many people advise against it..but I mean it works.. they have time released nutrients and what not, it'll still grow and some do use it. If you see a different organic brand, try to get it. 
    For veg you want plenty of nitrogen, so high N on the NPK label. 
    You can always top dress with other stuff during flowering when the plant will need more Phosphorous and Potassium. 
    edit: and root tip, yeah. just move a couple centimeters of soil out of the way with your finger, set her down in there, gently cover her back up, pack it slightly to get the dirt around the root, but not too much where it won't poke through. 
    The seed head could technically be above the soil as long as the root is covered. Sometimes it grows like that before it decides to spit it's shell out.  

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