Should I plant in ground?

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  1. So I have these two plants that I started indoors and had to move them outside since my folks came back to the house and I'm wondering if I should just plant these in the ground since roots are already coming out the bottom of the pots, I Dont know if they are female or not though.. Its been almost a month and a half since they have been alive so I'm wondering what the sex of these plants are too

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  2. If roots are coming out the bottom... I'm pretty sure u should at least put in large pot or put in ground. Have heard that roots will burn if they touch the ground and get too hot?? Sure someone knows more. .
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    Put them in 12-12 just long enough to see if M/F. If female plant em. That way your not wasting your time on two males
  4. better yet take a clone and leave it under 12/12 so you don't stress the plants. Me I'd just say fuck it and put them in holes. If one or both are male then I would just re use the holes later.
  5. fuck putting them 12/12 just let them grow they'll show if you throw them outdoors.. honestly ive had great results with a hole filled with desired medium works fine, altho the lower parts of the plant sometimes get dirty with hard rains if your holes arent wide enough..
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    I went ahead and buried them in the ground but I'm kinda concerned.. The soil isn't very good here and I dug a pretty deep hole only to come back to it and see that it was full of water the next day before actually planting my 2nd plant. Has anyone successfully grown in Clay? I used a lot of water absorbing crystals and also added miracle grow soil that absorbs alot of water and cut it with perlite with some bone meal since thats all i I'm hoping this works out.
  7. just an update my plants are now 4 months old and are doing okay.. Ive noticed caterpillar pool on some leaves that have been ate so I'm hoping that the neem oil will make em stop biting and if not I'm gonna use some bt killer, good news is that both of them are female so hopefully they will have some buds on them by the end of the month.
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    You don't want to be spraying neem oil once they start to flower anyhow.. Get your BT now and start spraying weekly.. Get some Green Cure as well for Powdery Mildew.. Hydro store usually.. Can use baking soda in a pinch.. 1 tablespoon per gallon apply once a week as well.. BNW

  9. Here's a few of how the girls sot now


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  10. Absolutely. Just pick a secluded place, preferably in a low-lying area, dig hole, place some new potting soil in hole, take plant out of pot (flip upside down) place in hole. Cover it up with the rest of the potting soil. WATER. Biggest dangers outside: being stolen, eaten by animals, bugs, worms, disease. Chicken wire wrapped around base can help keep critters out. This is a LOT of work. It took my son 10 hours to complete the above for 3 plants. They will need to be cared for on an almost daily basis. Make multiple pathways to the plant so you don't make an obvious path.You can DOUBLE your yield if you take care of the plant and NEVER fertilize after it starts budding. You can however, buy some BlackStrap Molasses and add a tablespoon to a gallon of water. The sugars in the molasses are helpful during this stage. Hope this helps.

  11. So how did they turn out?

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  12. Ripped right before harvest by my so called best friend. He drove 6 hours to steal the plants and all 6 months of my hard work was wasted since he didnt know about curing and all of the weed molded.
  13. That sucks. But it's funny u answered on the day u did!! That's 2 days after my best auto cheese got pulled/ripped. Had been flowering 2 weeks..WTF.. and was best looking one out the bunch. Smh people suck..

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  14. sorry to hear that but it seems you broke the number one rule of growing - telling no one where your grow is

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