Should I Pay This (Car Accident)?

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    so last week I was driving my moms car for work. searching for an apartment building, going pretty slow down a side-ish street.

    i finally found the apartment building, I was about ten feet past it. So I look in the rear view, didn't see anybody, and start backing up. 

    all the sudden I hear a loud ass bang, get out, and it was a lady in a small saturn is behind me with a smash in her passenger side fender, and the driver side corner of the bumper of my mom's grand cherokee is fucked up. She told me she was backing up too, but if she was backing up and I was backing up it doesn't make sense for us to have hit at that angle. So I had the impression that she rear ended me and tried to swerve out of the way, and since I was backing up to get in a drive way she hit me.

    she didn't have headlights on, and it was like 10 pm and dark out. and in a big suv I couldn't see a tiny saturn with no lights on behind me.

    I know I probably should've called the police or whatever to get a report but I just didn't think about it, I was just mad as fuck because my mom's nice ass car got hit, I still had a pizza to deliver, and it's my instinct to avoid police at all costs.

    so today she calls me and asks if I can pay her $400 deductible. I really don't feel like it was my fault because I got hit from behind and I couldn't see her because she had no headlights on, but because I was backing up would that somehow make it my fault?

    I know it's probably kind of weird to ask a weed forum this but I'm not really sure if there's car accident forums out there and I really don't feel like talking to an insurance company until I have some kind of straight story.
  2. It is kinda your fault to. But I'm not sure I would pay it either
  3. I would not pay it, if you didn't get the police involved, I would drop it. You probably won't get any money out of her, so don't let her get money out of you, use that money to help pay for the damage done to your vehicle. Hopefully you won't have any more accidents, sucks to hear.
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    Haha you didn't call the cops? It's safe to assume you're going to get fucked by the law of not leaving the scene of an acciden. When this dumb girl drove into me I told her she can either give me cash for it (not a big accident but my mirror exploded). She said I only have 30$ and I said then lets go to an ATM or we can call our insurance over 130$. Lmao the mirror cost 14.50
    Btw that excuse of not seeing cause it's dark and you're in an SUV is weak. If she sues you that isn't going to hold up at all because you have mirrors and a neck that can rotate for a reason, unless you have tinted windows, which is still your fault.
  5. You pay her deductible and she pays yours. Problem solved.
  6. I would pay it. Typically, the drive of the car hitting the back of the other is at all fault in a rear end collision. But, there are a couple exceptions to that rule, and one of them is the front car being in reverse. If the police were involved, it would have most likely been ruled as your fault, the only reason it might not be is because she didn't have her headlights on. But I'd still bet good money it'd be ruled as your fault.
    Do you two agree to exchange info and not involve the police? Or did she want to and you just left the scene?
    I know it sucks to fork over $400, but it might pull your nuts out of the fire. The accident would more than likely be ruled as your fault, and if so, it might end up costing you more than that, as well as going on your driving record and potentially costing you points on your license.
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    Let the insurance companies deal with it. Also $400 is a strange amount to pay as most deductions are like $250, $500 and so forth so who knows if she just wants the cash or what.

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  8. It

    You were at fault by traveling the wrong direction in the lane, so yea you should pay it.
  9. She could have very well been backing out of a driveway. If she was backing out to the right, and you were backing up the same direction, I can see how you would hit her passenger side fender. The fact that she didn't have her headlights on, makes me think she was backing out and was going to flip the lights on once she came to a full stop to go into Drive.
    Did you two not exchange insurance info?
  10. If it was just panel damage I doubt it would be $400 to get a fender bent back into shape (or replaced if its fiberglass and has actually broken away) on a little hatchback if she just went and got it fixed. Id run that by her if she's a reasonable person. Id be pretty pissed if she didn't have her lights on. What was her excuse for not having them on that late at night?

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    It's your fault if you're backing out but she was also backing out so I'm not sure.

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    fuck no you shouldnt pay not having headlights on at 10pm puts her in the wrong for sure as far as i know 
    even if you did hit her i would think its still her fault with no lights on thats a pretty big fuck up but who knows since theres no report she might be able to say thats bullshit
  13. It is technically your fault, but because no one reported it you're both on the line, so either make a deal or tell her you're not paying for it, she's not going to want to get the law involved. Also, if she's an asshole, don't pay it, but if she'd nice, just pay it forward dude

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  14. Hahaha man you need to get on the phone with your insurance company ASAP and let them handle this.
    Scummy people will try to take you for everything you have in this kind of situation man, I have dealt with this first hand. You are absolutely right you should have called the cops they would have probably said it was her fault right there.
  15. You deliver pizza in your mom's car? That's so punk rock. 
  16. You fucked up by not calling the police

    Now in court it would be your word vs hers, and who knows how the judge will rule the case
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    If you think she rear ended you, and how long were you in the process of backing up? Anyhow I have been in not at fault accidents, do not let anybody tell you shit. You know what happened and how it went down, Tell your story and that the angles dont line up to your insurance and that she likely rear ended you and evidence suggests that based simply on your position and the fact you were backing up. It does sound like she was going too fast and did not notice in time and tried to avoid and is trying to run a game. I would set that bitch straight because I can see in my mind what happened and it is obvious she is lying or the accident would have been more aligned with the middle of her front bumper. Dont let this bitch pull a fast one when she fucked up and not you.
    Whether the other insurance company will concede is another story, are there any pictures from the scene?
    I had this lawyer try to tell me I stopped short in one case, when I was at a dead stop waiting to turn for like 10 seconds. I have a special hatred for people who try to lie about auto accidents. Not to mention stopping short is bs because there is a law about tailgating. So yea fuck what anyone else says, you were there, you know what happened.
  18. If they're gonna do that, why wouldn't they just pay their own bills and leave each other alone? That seems way easier.

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    And no I wouldn't pay it.

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  19. You want to stick with her story that she was backing up because the person who was backing up is always at fault.
    If she was going forward while you were backing up then you were at fault 100% (according to the the car insurance companies).
    Since you were both backing up, you were both at fault which means you should both pay your own car insurance deductible, not the other person's.
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    That was my way of saying, "I'll fix my car, you fix yours."

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