Should I pay him back?

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    So I'm getting my paycheck tomorrow and I owe a colleague $250, for working two days for me. (Every time I call off I need to bring someone to substitute for me). I already quit the job, and don't plan and going back. I'm supposed to pay my colleague $250 in cash when I get paid, but if I already left the job, what would hurt if I just ignored the guy? I'm in circumstances where saving $250 could make a big difference for me. I know this is not the RIGHT thing to do, but I want to know if I could get away with it. Do you guys think the job would care enough to get involved, when this is between just my colleague and I?
  2. if someone worked your shift why is your employer paying you and not them?
  3. The substitute clocks my name in and out, the money goes to my paycheck, and when I see him, I'm supposed to pay him back in cash.
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  4. this is not normal at all
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  5. Dude does you a favor and you give him the finger? You'll get what coming to you.
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  6. Wtf kind of work do you do that pays 250 for 2 shifts? If I did 2 shifts for someone and didn't get paid I'd beat the money out of them :laughing::confused_2:
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  7. Your work is dumb and is held accountable
    Sorry the dude and you work such a shit ruled job.

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  8. "i know its not the right thing do" oh really? your'e such a good person.
    i hope he will beat the shit out of you and take double.
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    What kind of job do you work? Someone clocking you in while you are not working and you are getting paid for it is grounds for termination in most jobs. Are you leaving something out that you are not telling us OP?

    Sounds like you and your "friend/associate" is pulling a fast one on your employer and just like a good bank heist movie, the villans turn on each other and one runs away with all of the riches lol.
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    Feeling entitled would not make you any less of a thief and a wanker. You and those like you are why this country is going to hell.
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  11. Yes
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  12. Man of your word or douchebag - the choice is yours

    Karma can be quite a bitch
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  13. Lol OP is a scrub, js
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    Well maybe or you could end up like my previous employer lol, he didn't pay a guy for his work so the guy just stole and sold his car to make up for the money he was owed

    And also $250 is a lot of money, I make $10 for 9 hours so I hope Karma either gets you back or the guy does if you don't pay him back lol don't be a douche
  15. OP needs a boot to the face
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  16. I don't understand how he clocked in as you? Stupid situation altogether. You need to worry about your coworker though, don't worry about your retarded employer lol.
  17. Not hard to do just write his name in on the time card (if it wasn't already on there) punch him in, clock him out for lunch, clock him back in etc.

    Or he could have gave him his time card to swipe and just had him swipe him in.
  18. If dude hadn't covered for you wouldn't you already be out $250?? Ya know, for not being at work......:blink:

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