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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Funkatronic, May 26, 2009.

  1. I got a little bit of a dillema. So this season I decided to do my first grow with some bagseed. Fast foward about 3 weeks and I have myself a healthy looking plant. But seeing picks of other plants around 3 weeks Im starting to get worried. My plant has the initial 2 rounded leaves, then above that a larger set of more of a serrated look, then above that theres 4 smaller serrated leaves (Sorry for the lack of terminology). The plant itself is probably 6-7 inches in height. I have been taking care of it quite well with watering and shit but it seems like it should be bigger by now, I have seen picks of the same age around a foot! Im just wondering if I should worry about this or its just the type of strain. And if it is a problem and may effect my yield should I consider transplanting them to an area with more sunlight, it only recieves a couple hours of direct now due to the trees. Thanks in advance
  2. Don't worry a bit bud. There are different strains of plants which grow at different rates and to different sizes. I guess you could move it for more sunlight but make sure you do it safely and don't damage the root system. If you're doing the good job you say you are just keep it up :)
  3. for 3 weeks ur doin fine, dw man
  4. Alright good to hear thanks for the knowledge

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