Should I, or Should I not, finish my bowl?

Discussion in 'General' started by guarrana, May 17, 2006.

  1. My South American literature class just finished and I'm in my apartment. I pull out my little glass pipe, neglecting, which I normally do during an early high, my glass bubbler. Fill it up with some of my brother's weed. Start smoking. Finish my little bowl. Fill up again. Take about 4 hits from the bowl. About half empty, half full. My throat burns, and I'm really high. Part of me thinks I may not be able to finish the bowl. The other part is saying I should just go ahead and finish it, it's not much, and I'm already really high but I wouldn't mind being higher.
    What should I do?

    Also I need to choose a south american book for my South American Literature class. Any of you know of any, good South American books you can recomment?
  2. Just finish it.
  3. Dude, the way i read the thread name was the funniest thing ever to me. Reminded me of Peter Kay when he's talking about prank calls and he goes "for the third, and final time, HOW BIG ARE YA TITS?!". Sorry, i'm high, just had to type it out lol.:rolleyes:

    On topic: smoke it!
  4. Depends if your brothers cool with you smoking his buds!
  5. uhhhh....

    hmmm, do i wanna smoke weed, or not? DUH!!
  6. toke till ya choke!!
  7. Smoke that shit man, never leave a bowl unfinished/
  8. cheif that shit... unless your a bitch :)

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