Should I Open a Hydro Store?

Discussion in 'General' started by macanudo, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. There might be a vote again on medical marijuana here in AZ. Has there been an explosion of hydro stores in states where it has gotten approval? Seems like it'd be a good business to be in.
  2. I think you should move to Hollywood and persue your acting career.
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  5. wow man if your serious ill totally fkn help i got hookups in phx with a dude i know owns a plastics manufacturing company and already has molds for everything hed love to do something theres only two in the valley well 3 but the same one twice dude could be something kewl
  6. madman: "dude this guy on a weed website said he wants to open a store"

    madman's friend: "OH FUCKIN AWESOME MAN."

    just playin mang :smoking:
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    idk convince home depot to carry hydroton and i am a set mutha seems easier 2 me
    I first began hydro gardening in the 80s with my first wife we were both vegitarians well vegan but anyway both concerned with pure organic growing methods and ponics was a great answer.During yhis period i was attending a cullinary school in scottsdale.As a chef and occasional resturaunt manager i have tried getting the local farmers or hydro shops to supplement our vegetables and no one ever seemed interested this seems a waste to me I always thought it would be a great way to make cash off your window displays!
  8. haha codone, thats funny stuff
  9. dude this is a weed site ooops howd i get here...omg bye
  10. I was kidding ;) but thanks, that's good to know....
  11. lol you were going to negative rep me for my sarcasm?
  12. you hurt my feelings ;)
  13. I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings dude.

    I haven't seen an influx of hydroshops going up around Cali, I think that they have all been here for a grip.
  14. yea eleven but there are literally 4 in the whole state here 3 sog 2 phx 1 tucson and hh
    there are two ghosts that say they are around but two years looking only ps my girlfreind says dont open it in tempe lol

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