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Should I occasionally smoke spliffs?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tokinsince2012, Feb 8, 2014.

    I'm not listening to you on this one man. Take the time to read the full post if you're gonna be commenting on it. I typed it for a reason.
    Nicotine junkie...? Really? So you like to judge people just because they smoke tobacco? You think you're so high and mighty because you smoke the natural plant? I got news for you. Smoking ANYTHING is bad for you. Therefore judging people who smoke tobacco is just as bad as judging people who smoke weed. Show a little more respect before you comment on my posts again.
    Where do I find these non-additive herbs? I've never heard of this before. Can you explain please?

  2. Have to say I'm backing Weathers95 up 110%.... Totally agree with you bro.
  3. Lol so I read your whole post as well as a few other comments. I still have the same oppinion .so here's my question. If you know that something is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year why would you envolve you're self with it. If you want a better high then use a better method of smoking. Dont put that dirt in your smoke
  4. What I do know is that CIGARETTES, NOT TOBACCO  ITSELF are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year. Cigarette companies love to put a bunch of other nasty chemicals in their product. But there are other tobacco products out there. Much healthier products in fact. Not just cigarettes. These products don't have all the nasty chemicals that the cigarette companies put in. Therefore it is debatable whether or not these products can get you addicted/kill you.
  5. Looool nicotine junkie, yeah right. People can do what they want, I prefer to put a bit of Baccy in with my weed so what? At the end of the day your still inhaling shit into you lungs, it won't be good for them tobacco or weed.

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  6. Thanks for backing me up brooo

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  7. But is it still bad for you? I'm aware that it's better than the typical cigarettes but what does this actually do to your health?
  8. Is it bad for you? READ!
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  9. Okay... None of these articles answer my question. I'm asking whether or not non-additive herbs have any negative effects on you. Not studies on marijuana or marijuana vs tobacco or tobacco/marijuana-related health costs...
    Is non-additive herbs bad for you? That's all I'm asking.
  10. I agree with you and hate when people try to sound high and mighty on a weed forum and think they're awesome cause they smoke weed. Although I do agree with them that weed is way better and healthier than tobacco I'm not gonna be cocky about it and ill explain.

    Natural tobacco is definitely not as bad as the shit that's in cigs, but I still wouldn't smoke it. Personally I don't even really like the nicotine buzz and I've smoked spliffs and didn't really like the combo too much. Also the spliff will still have nicotine in it so it will still have the addictive property. Since you said that you will only be smoking them occasionally I wouldn't worry too much about the addictiveness, but what I've noticed is the amount people are effected by the addictiveness of nicotine varys from person to person a lot and you said it may run in your family to get addicted. But like you said if you're smoking them once or twice a week I wouldn't worry too much about that.

    My biggest thing about spliffs is that they taste like shit. I had a spliff that was 20% tobacco and it tasted like asshole. Yes it burned well, but its not like they saved a lot of weed. This is personal opinion though whether you like the taste or not tho. And it was also super harsh...

    Personally i would just take a couple grams and sit and roll pure j's then open them up and practice rerolling it. Or you could get a rolling machine too.

    Hope I helped. Just quote this post if you have any other questions/comments
  11. #32 SpungeBong, Feb 8, 2014
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    nah you won't get hooked on smoking if you're just having a spliff here and there, but you might wanna look into a vape pen. they're kinda like taking a drag off a joint, pure weed and will def help you conserve your weed. I've heard good things about trippy sticks.
    edit: oh yeah there's herbal smoking mixtures too if you wanna look into those. I don't smoke tobacco (don't like the taste) but one time I used a friend's hookah with this mint stuff and it was kinda nice. I think it would be pointless to smoke the mixture alone but if you wanna pad out a joint with some it might be nice. I have no experience with this tho
    edit: apparently trippy stix use tincture or some shit. but I think most vape pens will work.
    I dunno, i'm sitting here smoking from a pipe like gandalf and everyone else is on this vape technology train. i'm so far behind
  12. Great answer bro! I decided I'm not gonna waste my time and money on something completely unnecessary and could possibly start a bad habit... So I think I'll just go back to my bong or maybe look into herbal mixtures if I'm really craving a joint. I really appreciate the comment man.  :smoke:
    I do have a vape pen... a shitty one at that lol... I only use it if my high is really coming down earlier than I'd like it to. Anyway, I'm gonna look into herbal smoking mixtures next time I'm really craving a joint but I decided not to fuck with tobacco because the fact is, it can start a bad habit. And yeah I get what you mean about the whole vape technology bullshit. All I know is that it can get you high. Really doesn't make a difference to me lol. Thanks for the comment bro  :bongin:
  13. No way man, if your goal is to get medicated and you don't smoke cigs then why bother rolling a spliff? If you feel that joints waste weed just smoke a little out of a pipe or whatever else you have. If all you have are papes and you really need to save bud then I guess a spliff would be a viable option. Happy toking!  :bongin:
  14. You're going to get Europeans telling you to smoke them and Americans telling you to not smoke them, haha. I personally don't recommend it. If it's just an issue of harshness, get a bubbler, bong, vape, etc. Getting a piece will also help your using/wasting too much weed problem. If it's an issue of the joints burning weird, just roll them better. It takes practice, but they will burn nicely. What I'm saying is smoke tobacco if you truly want to, but if you're just looking to improve your toking experience, there are better, healthier options. You also don't want to get a fondness for tobacco and start smoking altogether either, because that shit can kill you.
  15. I smoke the mall the time.
    My buddy used to always smoke spliffs,and said he'd get cravings for them. He smokes cigarrettes occasionally now :(
    Idk I smoke anyways too, but yea. It's a risk of addiction for sure.

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