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Should I occasionally smoke spliffs?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tokinsince2012, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Hi guys!
    So I'm thinking I should start rolling spliffs (weed/tobacco). I've never smoked a cigarette before but I have smoked a strawberry swisher cigar on my 18th birthday and I didn't really like the taste. I threw it away half way through... But I want to try spliffs for a few reasons. I like to smoke joints but I'm not the best at rolling them so they burn too fast and they're too harsh. I hear tobacco helps fix that problem. Plus joints waste weed so i figured if I'm gonna be rolling them I might as well put in tobacco so I don't need to use as much weed. 
    What I'm worried about is my dad got addicted to cigarettes at my age and he's just recently quit so tobacco addiction may run in the family. Which is why I say I only want to do this on occasion. But aren't cigarettes different than rolling tobacco? What kind of tobacco should I get if I do decide to try it out?
    I understand some people here have a strong hatred towards tobacco so please no rude comments. They will be ignored. Thanks :)

  2. No! All in read was the topic title. Never smoke that bullshit
    All you read was the title? Interesting...
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    Hey bro, I am a cigarette smoker, smoking cigarettes regularly for a couple years and I tell you I started rolling my own late last year and the hand rolled cigarettes taste way better and more natural with less chemicals than any factory made shit like Marlboro.

    I personally would recommend Bugler for a spliff, or just a hand rolled smoke for that matter. It's what I started rolling with and it tastes awesome. Its funny you ask this as I'm tempted, so tempted, to roll a spliff with some soon- I've got a dank ass nug my friend gave me saved calling my name lol but I'm worried about a drug test coming up so it's gonna wait. xD

    Also if you like menthol try Kite, but be warned it is extremely strong- much stronger in nicotine than Bugler imo as this seasoned tobacco smoker got very dizzy and borderline sick smoking it for the first time a couple days ago.
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    na man, it'll ruin the taste of your weed. plus, nicotine is addicting as fuck. I know i smoke cigs.
  6. i know its addicting. When i say occasionally i mean like once every two weeks or so. Just enough to have the self control to say no when i dont need to smoke it. Plus i think cigarettes are worse than rolling tobacco

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  7. damn. Im completely new to tobacco so thats why im not sure if its that good of an idea because i dont want to get sick or addicted lol

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  8. Cigarettes are the worst I refuse to ever smoke them but as long as its just plain tobacco no added addictive nicotine you should be fine, try it once if u don't want to do it then stop.

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  9. Man go for it, don't listen to these clowns, I actually prefer smoking spliffs. Wastes less weed, burns better (more evenly) and the hits aren't as harsh.

    I think if you want a pure weed experience, just use a bong or a vape but people can do whatever they want. I say go for it, try it and if you don't like it just roll pure next time! Also I highly doubt you will get addicted, I have been smoking spliffs for years and I am not addicted to tobacco at all. I would NEVER have the urge to smoke a cig.... Eurghhh

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    if you want something to burn other than weed, get some non-additive herbs.
    you shouldn't be rolling anything if you're trying to conserve anyway, go with a vape or bong.
    why listen to a nicotine JUNKIE? Bad advise to give people...
    ...tobacco kills, don't use it.
    uh..another bad post...tobacco has nicotine in it...all tobacco has nicotine and all tobacco causes cancer.
    why play Russian roulette with your life, be smart don't use tobacco.
    one hitters
    small bowls
    put the joint out
    you can conserve pot real easy without committing 'suicide by tobacco'
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    Sir, as a cigarette smoker I take exception to the fact that you make the false and misleading statement "All tobacco causes cancer". Cigarettes contribute and increase the likelihood of cancer in smokers, yes, however there is no scientific evidence that shows they actually "cause" cancer. Also, nicotine is not what is detrimental in tobacco. Its the tars and resin and the carcinogens in the smoke. Nicotine is found in MANY plants other than tobacco, including eggplant and tomatoes.
    Companies don't just add nicotine. It's just a natural factor in tobacco.
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    You WILL get sick or the very least dizzy if you start smoking tobacco, especially unfiltered.

    Do not worry or listen to the retarded comments about tobacco. You will not, I repeat, NOT get addicted by occasionally smoking tobacco. The idea some people think and believe the "One cigarette and you're hooked" bullshit is asinine. I have been smoking cigarettes for over two years and I can go indefinitely without cigarettes. Also, rolling tobacco like Bugler is MUCH less addicting than shit like Marlboro, due to the absence of chemicals and added garbage.
  16. For real man dont mess with that shit. You dont want to become addicted. If you can't roll a proper j smoke out of a pipe or bong or bubbler. You dont have tobworry about the bowl burning shity. They also conserve your flower
  17. So quit smoking cigs today and come back in a month and tell us how easy it was....don't kid yourself, if you've been smoking over 2 years, you're hooked....
  18. I second the bugler suggestion, it's a very good tasting tobacco.
    I quit smoking cigs for the new year and the hardest part to break was the actual habit itself, not the physical addiction. As long as it's not habitual you will not become addicted.
    LOL@ inhaling burnt plant material only causes cancer when it's a tobacco leaf and OMGZ you'll get addicted on your first drag.
  19. Yeah

    There is no self control when it comes to tobacco

    Good luck with that
  20. +1

    ^ THIS. ^

    LMFAO. IK, RIGHT????? Fucking retards and their brainwashed heads believing that bullshit!

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