Should i not be acting like this?

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  1. So I've been together with this girl for about a month now, and everythings been fine, but finally last night she did something to really piss me the hell off and ended up ruining my entire friday night.

    The plan was I had to work until 8 and she wanted to go see her schools basket ball game (shes still in hs.) The game was at an arena since it was a big rivalary and another 2 big rival teams played after. Well our game ended around 8 and thats why we planned to hang out. All day this was the plan no changes an/ifs/ors/buts.

    So I text her around 930 telling her Im done shower/eating and all that and she can come whenever. Her response is "I'm still at the ***** Center, but i'm leaving now." From the center to her house it takes exactly 20mins. I kno this because she lives down the street from me. So its 1030 and I finally say "You really pulled some annoying shit" she instantly knew what I was talking about and more or less said well im sorry my friend wanted to stay for the 2nd game and I didn't drive. I told her thats no problem but why the hell wouldn't you tell me, and explained I don't revolve my life around waiting on her (its getting to be a trend.) I just start getting short with her hopeing she wont text me back, finally I just say, I dont wanna talk to you right now, text me tmrw if you feel like it.

    Usually I have to text her first, its just one of those girl things. Were dating so its not like those stupid games you gotta play with who text who first. So Im just ignoring her right now until she text me, if she really and truly likes me I think she will, otherwise I'm not saying a word to her.

    I don't take it lightly when people do shit like that to me...

    So my quesiton is am I over reacting?
  2. Maybe a tad, but you did get stood up, so you have a right to be a little upset at the same time.

    I probably would have just said "look, if plans change and you can't make it when you said you would... at least call me and let me know"

    Girls are flaky as fuck though. If I had a dollar for everytime one showed up late meeting me somewhere, I'd have a shitload of $1's.
  3. You do have a right to be upset since you coulda made other plans if you had known she was gonna stay for the 2nd game. Otherwise I kinda think you're overreacting a little bit, I don't like it when people bail on me but it happens more often than not, and I bail on my friends it's just one of those things that is just plain going to happen whether we like it or not. I usually try my best to call and tell whomever I'm not gonna make whatever plans we did have as it's just a courtesy thing, but still it sucks.

    I totally agree with what XVIPimp said too, girls are flaky as shit man. I've been tryin to hang out with this one girl and she'll see what i'm doin and i extend the invite and she'll say she'll be there/here/wherever and than last second...boom, there goes the dynamite. In my experience, girls don't really make plans, they just say okay to everything waiting for the best option to stand out.
  4. No bro you're not over reacting. Last night something similar happened to me. This chick was supposed to chill with me and randomly changed her mind at the last minute. So I texted her that I am pissed at her and she has been callin and textin and I haven't answered. Sometimes you gotta stand your ground and show the chick she fucked up.
  5. You might be overreacting a little bit, but if this is forming a pattern, then you have to put your foot down sometime. I think you need to have a talk with her, if she's flaking without calling regularly, that shows a serious lack of commitment. For me, that's a red flag, and I think there's a decent chance she wants out, so talk to her, because the longer that sort of shit drags on, the worse it is when you finally deal with it.
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    If it's only been a month and she's already breaking dates, then you should dump her. She obviously still has the high school mentality and thinks dating is a game.

    I don't think you're overreacting. It's totally understandable that she had to stay because she didn't have a ride, but she SHOULD have texted you.

    Just keep on doing what you are, let her know that behavior isn't acceptable to you. You can't always be making your plans around her, you should be able to enjoy your night without worrying if she's actually coming or not.

    If she can't give you the respect of knowing she actually cares and wants to be with you then she doesn't deserve you.

    And please guys, stop generalizing all girls as flaky. When I say I'm doing something it's because i genuinely want to do it and if i don't show up I notify the person with a good, real reason, at least an hour before so the person can make other plans if they want.
  7. Brian Collins?
  8. too high school, get someone more mature, she wants you to wait all day for her but she wont do the same in return. its not worth it, you might just end up in more high school drama then you hoped for.. it's the teen mentality good luck with that.
  9. I think im going to break up with her. Im really tired of her stupid shit. I really like her though, but liking someone who is flakley like this is ruining me. I sit around and just mope and contemplate wtf her deal is instead of having fun. Shes "babysitting" and tells me she'll be off at 10 or 1030 and is coming over. Well 1030 rolls around still no text anything, I finally shoot her one... no response. 20 mins later I call her. She says shes still there and doesn't know whats going on. I told her to call me and that we need to talk when she gets home.

    I don't really know what to do because everything was fine until we actually started to date. Im simply going to tell her that I really like her but ever since we've been an official couple you avoid me some way and its annoying. I want to go back to how we were, not boy friend and girlfriend and go from there, and if she has a problem with it, sucks...
  10. Get a blowjob from her then tell her to bounce LOL
  11. It is inconsiderate that she did not inform you that she was staying when she knew you were looking forward to her coming over.

    Ignoring her? I dunno, I wouldn't know. Only you know what you should do. So should you be acting like this with your girlfriend?
  12. I'm sorry to hear that bro, but at the same time, kinda happy for you. It sucks that there's a good chance you guys are going to break up, but long run, it's kind of a good thing. Anyway, here's hoping things work out for you guys.

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