Should i move to dam and grow mad cheeba?

Discussion in 'General' started by gr0wer, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. Hey I was thinking of moving to dam, renting a house and doing my dream setup with no fear of being arrested. Now my dream setup isnt a small closet grow. It would be more like a room packed with plants grown in areoponic tubes, stadium style, and prepetual harvest with diffrent light wattage for diffrent weeks of flower. This would be one of the most effecient and tricked out systems i could ever dream of.

    Also have a massive bed of shrooms outdoors of many strains and species and an indoor shroom room with cleanroom and walk in terranium.

    I could make a good million or two dollars in a few years then move back or just stay there if i like my personal life. This would be my dream home. Im just not sure if i should do it. I mean it is another country and i dont think they speak english but i would love to have a group of friends who all grow and smoke freely having poundage growing and laying all around all our houses. :D

  2. Well hopefully for your sake it's the million. ;)
  3. No, he means a million or two. As in, either one million, or two million. :-D

    I wish I could do that. That'd be awesome.
  4. a walk in terriuram??

    lord, that is a dream set-up :D
  5. if you think youd be happy there, and doing that, do it

  6. I know i'll be happy doing it, but i hope i find a girl to bring over or a girl there because theat would complete the move :)

    I wsa thining last night if i stay for say 4-5 years and make 2 mil, id have 100,000 a year to spend on top of what i make at a all in one hydro/mycology/headshop store id set up here.

  7. just did
  8. i also thought of moving to holland opening up a headshop or something ...waht better job could you ask for ....standing around all day selling bongs, listening to music, smoking bud without any worries....
  9. I'm pretty sure it's a difficult move, but I'm sure it's possible if you have some capital to start with.
  10. Im sure i could grow a bit of capital. :D
  11. Arent you in canada? Growin there isnt that bad right? not as bad as USA at least. heck canada keep us somoking!
  12. that would be pretty hard to make money like that just selling bud in amsterdam since its everywhere and legal... but that too is also my dream some day :p

  13. hahaha thats wat i was gonna say the only way you can make money is if you manage to ship it here or somewhere else
  14. Wow you guys are dumb, laughing at me, supply and demand. The prices are about 25% lower there and some moves into UK, central europe most likley. I wont even dent the trade ill just come in make a few and get out with an experience of a liftime with no fear of being cought and thrown into jail for growing some kind bud.

    Im going for sure, im going for 2 years coming back with some money in my packet and going to college in the us for buisness so i can take my dads skateboard company we've been working on.
  15. Im not laughing :)

    Rock on man, I'd love to move to Holland
  16. rock on, hell yea.
  17. yeah, if u need a assistant, im free to move down there to help out , i dont live there now, but if u got a job in a head shop for me, im there. only takes like a day to get to netherland from here anyways so.

    anyways do what you dream of, or u will regret.

    like this once i had the chance to have sex with this really great , cute, lovely girl, and i did , and i have never regretted it.

  18. i think you found your girl
  19. i dont know how the coffee shops thing works, but you might be able to find one where you could make a deal with a coffee shop so youll always have a buyer
  20. im actually doing the same gr0wer.

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