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Should I mention that I smoke to my doctor?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xxoo, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Well, today I have a physical and I was just wondering whether or not I should mention to my doctor that I smoke mj?

    Also, how long do you usually not smoke for before a doctor's appointment? A couple days? Hours? Less?

    Thank you! :)
  2. Uhh if you're having respiratory problems then maybe. Theres no reason to, your doctor isn't going to turn you in lol.
  3. Haha, that's what I was guessing. Just wanted to make sure, though. Thank you!
  4. docters have patient confidentiality they legally cant tell anyone anything you telll them or they will lose their ability to practice medicine
  5. My brother tried to hold it back, it was hilarious.
    "I'm coughing up black mucous all the time."
    "Do you smoke?"
    " really."
    "How much?"
    "All day every day."
  6. i wouldnt mention it, a lot of them will start spewing out propaganda about how its going to do all these terrible things to you. not all of them tho. regardless they cant tell anyone else legally.
  7. It really depends. If you think it's something he SHOULD know, you can if you really think you need to.

    If you have health insurance you might think twice. Recreational drug use is enough for them to deny you future coverage.
  8. If he asks I'd say go for it. But if there is no health problems that can be a result of that or if he doesn't ask then just forget about it.
  9. i told mine i didnt.. then she told me she "heard" smoking helps and that i could if it helped.. haha i wish i had told her, but at the same time, it wouldnt have changed anything. dont tell the doctor unless the doctor asks.
  10. That is absolutely correct. And if you have a history of recreational drug use you may also have difficulty getting pain management if you suffer a serious injury. Pain management clinics do not like drug users and make things quite difficult for them.
  11. I often wonder, I switched from my pediatric doctor to a different doctor about a year ago and I don't have the relationship with this new doctor so I didn't tell him I did. I think it all depends on your relationship with your doctor and how you think he would react. Personally being on the pre-med track in college I often wonder if patients would willingly tell me that they smoke MJ. I however am a MJ advocate so I think that they would be able to tell through my personality and hopefully be open to me about such things.

    I also feel a lot of my professors and doctors I know aren't anti-marijuana because they are smart people who will actually research rather than listen to Government propaganda. I'd say any doctor who tells you marijuana is really bad and then spews propaganda is not a good doctor any ways and you should leave their practice. I feel I've ranted enough. What are peoples experience upon telling their doctor that they do smoke marijuana?

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