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Should I make the switch from mids?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jibbs, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. I am a pretty new smoker, but every time I have done it I have smoked mids. The high that I get each time is awesome, and I am satisfied with it. Am I missing out on a whole new experience by not smoking some better stuff?
  2. if your gona make
    a switch I wouldn't buy better weed; I would buy concentrates. from mids to dank if noticeable, but from mids to say hash or wax, now that will knock your socks off
  3. I mean, better herb IS better but more expensive. Hell I'd try it without a doubt. I remember the first time I smoked dank; some Sour Diesel. It was probably the best high of my life even after smoking much more dank at later times in my life. Still, as far as switching over it'll drive your tolerance through the roof. If you start only smoking dank then you will lose the ability to even get high from mids after a while. I use it as a nice gift on a special occasion: probably twice a month or so. But, just my 2 cents.
  4. Since you're satisfied from the highs you're getting why not keep smoking mids until you get tired of them? Then when you smoke dank bud you're going to be like woahhhhh. :cool:
  5. Smoke mids for now because you're high from them is fine. Once they don't start doing it for you, make your way up to dank. If you can get your hands on concentrates then I'd slowly work towards them.
  6. I strongly disagree with the previous posters, I would urge you to smoke dank/A's ASAP, it absolutely is a different experience. Do it now while your tolerance is pretty low too. You will get so high, man. Some of the first times I smoked incredible bud while I was new to smoking, I had some life changing spiritual experiences. The thoughts that ran through my head. The feelings and intensity of life, I'll never forget. Even mild hallucinations when getting really stoned off a bong.

    Mids will alter your mindset, but only dank or concentrates will bring you to that next level. lol
  7. smoke kush, bro.

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