Should I lie to the health insurance underwriters?

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  1. Cliff notes:

    - Applied for 3 PERSONAL health care plans
    - Company A just called: "Are you an expectant parent?" (I'm the FATHER) I said yes.
    - She immediately changes her tone "We cannot offer you coverage because as soon as the baby is born he/she is eligible for coverage."
    - I got mad, cussed her out and hung up.

    When companies B and C call, if this question is asked -- would you lie?

    I just need coverage on myself, I'm trying to get past a pre-existing so I need coverage to start ASAP so in 1 year I can get some real medical help.

    Don't make this into "why don't you want insurance for your child" thread. That's NOT what this is.

    I'm not lying about my health or any pre-existing conditions, I'm just lying that I'm about to become a father in about 7 1/2 months.
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    Dude Health insurance is a scam no matter your status. You could be healthy as fuck and never get sick and a company would love to cover you but in reality you don't really need it, but that one little thought "what if something did happen" most people will spend thousands to feel safe. Health insurance companies all have statistic experts to determine if you are a cost effective investment. If they'll make more money from you paying them than the possible amount of money they would have to spend on you, you'll be insured. In the end their cheating you by forcing you to play by their rules. It's not really insurance it's a game they play to trick people into paying for good health.

    You'll lose no matter what in the end. So my answer bluntly put is yes, lie your ASS off to them. Fuck them just like they try and fuck you. But make sure you take into account your previous medical records, having a kid is impossible to hide and they will find out and seek possible legal action. If you have no medical records of you having knowledge of the child then lie lie lie. The system is fucked so whatever you do think it through, you know your situation better than anyone else does.

    If you've gone to the doctor for whatever you have previously then you're pretty much fucked. If not then you're golden. Good luck man, and remember it's all a fucking scam to get money out of you.

    Oh and do you live in the States?
  3. Fuck insurance companies. Lie your ass off without jeopardising the cover. They're just scamming bastards.
  4. Yeah but if they find out when you go to file a claim they can and will refuse to cover you because you lied to them (because it'll be in their contract that you must remain truthful or they can drop you) then you're out however much you ended up paying them over the years and fucked with no insurance.

    Read the contract and that'll be your answer.
  5. Do what you gatta do man, you won't be judged. If you get real treatment then you wont have to rely on the benzos any more :hello:

  6. We haven't been to the doctor yet, waiting on Medicare/WIC to become active or something. She's obviously pregnant (no period/tests are positive) and we've been to DHS for the initial pee test to go see the doctor for free but no, no doctor visit.

    I'm hoping one of the other two companies calls VERY SOON so I can lie.

    Yes, I'm in the states and yes I know how insurance works. I wish I had never let mine lapse.

    Sadly, besides benzos and nerve blocks there may not be any long term treatment for what I have. I don't have the specific kind where they can snip the nerve.

    Otherwise, I'm as healthy as a horse. +20lbs but hey who isn't in this country? :p

  7. I don't see how this is possible if I:

    A) Never add the child to the policy
    B) Never take out a child-related claim :\

    I know it's the truth but shit what do I do
  8. bump bump got tha 40s in da trunk
  9. Eh if there's no paper trail, I'd do it and feign ignorance if it ever came up. That's not to say there isn't a chance you could get fucked in doing this, but it's probably less of a chance of getting fucked than simply remaining un-insured.
  10. Lie to the government/the man/corporations. Why not? They lie to us.
  11. i would lie. you could always say that its not your kid. who are they to judge you for going out with someone who got knocked up by someone else. the only way to prove it is to test, and i doubt they would put the money out for that if your excuse will suffice.

  12. dude... medical insurance is preeeeeettttyyyyy fucking necessary. i had a seizure out of nowhere last year and WITH insurance all the bills were over $2000. $100 co pay for ER visit; $100 copay for chest xray; $150 for MRI (x3); $30 for EEG (x4); $200 for ambulance ride; the list goes on.

    how... THE FUCK.... would i have payed for that shit full price (like 10x what i payed) ?

    insurance a scam? maybe on a rental car. not on your one body you have man. that thing is irreplaceable and difficult to fix. so why not insure it?

    mate you bonkaasss
  13. Where the fuck have you been? :D:D
  14. Insurance always has, is and always will be the largest scam around. Insurance companies are full of some of the most decietful, unscrupulous people on earth. Lie to them now, but if you plan on getting insurance on the baby, wait until 9 months after you get the policy so that you can claim you were not expectant at the time of getting the policy.
  15. How many people randomly have seizures? You even said yourself you had to Pay over $2000 WITH insurance. Whats the point of having it if you still have to pay for shit when you have a medical emergency.....? Insurance companies have created a market that only they can benefit from. lulz keep thinking you need insurance bro.

  16. because if i didn't have insurance i would be 10k in debt?.... dude the ambulance ride alone would have cost 1500 without insurance. and my employer pays for my insurance. should i tell them to cancel it? :wave:

    and about 2% of the population has a seizure at some point in their life.

  17. So out of fear you're willing to pay thousands "just in case"? I'm not saying no one should have insurance (I have it) all I'm saying is it's a scam. How old are you?
  18. You know what's worse than taxes?
    What's worse than tax is insurance.

    You got to have some insurance.

    They shouldn't even call it insurance.
    They just should call it ''in case shit.''

    l give a company some money
    in case shit happens.

    Now, if shit don't happen,
    shouldn't l get my money back?

    That's right, man, you better have
    some medical insurance, or you gonna die.

    That's right, everybody.
    You got to eat right and exercise.

    No, you don't, you need some coverage.

    Coverage will save your life.

    That's right, we all gonna die,
    but at least if you got some coverage...

    you will die on a mattress.

  19. i'm 20. and i don't pay thousands. did you read my post? MY EMPLOYER PAYS FOR IT.

    and it's not out of fear. it's a fucking precaution. there IS a difference. i'm not scared of getting leukemia and dying or something man. but i hit 65ft+ gaps on my snowboard... jump my motorcycle 90ft... i mean hell. yesterday i almost rolled my friends quad at least 4 times. what if i had a simple break in my arm? (like ive had 3 times) with insurance its like a $200 deal. without, i dont even want to fucking think about that. i would have to sell my car, my bike, and my asshole on craigslist to cover the bill. insurance is ok man. yes, a lot of people never end up needing it for years and years. but most end up thanking themselves later for buying that insurance.

    also, i have an oxycontin prescription (not trying to discuss other drugs, simply the medical costs) and without insurance it is $450. per month. and at this point, even if i had to pay for it, i would. because i would simply be fucked without it.

    if you think you never need to see a doctor, you need to put the bong down and go outside. its a fucking dangerous world dude. and hospitals are fucking outrageously expensive. they charged me $30 for the 3 mins of oxygen they gave me in the ambulance. and that was with insurance. imagine how much it would have cost without....

  20. lol dude I'm not arguing the benefits of insurance, all I'm telling you is that it is a scam. If it wasn't everyone would be offered the same coverage for the same cost. Volcano South wouldn't even be in this situation if it wasn't as scam. In the case of real insurance those who CHOOSE to pay more could get better coverage. The medical market is all over inflated with artificial pricing because of insurance. They've created a market that forces people to buy or suffer extreme consequences. Do you know anything about business or economics?

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